Stunning iPhone Flip folding phone video puts Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 in the shade

The incredible folding iPhone in this video makes the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 look like old hat

Apple iPhone Flip video Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2
(Image credit: Technizo Concept)

Leaks and rumors about the Apple iPhone Flip folding phone have been gathering momentum over the past month, and now we've just got our best look yet at just how special an Apple foldable could be. And, simply put, it looks like it could be a shoe-in for T3's best foldable phones guide when released.

That's because graphic designer Technizo Concept has just published a stunning new iPhone Flip video that shows the Apple folding phone off from every angle. This design is based on the very latest leaked information about the foldable, which looks set according to this design to have a clamshell design like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razr.

Check out the full Apple iPhone Flip video below:

The folding Apple iPhone is apparently working on isn't due this year, with 2022 or even 2023 mooted as when we can expect to see it launch. This makes sense as Apple rarely leads in terms of hardware capability today, usually following Android after a few years when the technology in questions has matured. So, considering folding phones have been on the market now for a few years, a release date in a year or two seems to make sense.

In terms of what we can expect from a folding iPhone, hardly anything is known, although concept designs like the one above have leaned more toward a clamshell design rather than book design. This iPhone Flip above seems to be based on the design of the iPhone 12 in overall exterior aesthetic, but here there is a smaller notch on the inside screen, as well as a small screen on the exterior next to the camera array that shows the time and notifications.

The iPhone Flip folds down the centre horizontally, thanks to its clamshell design, and because of this the screen seems large and tall, looking like a folding iPhone 12 Pro Max. Of course, because it can fold in half, though, it looks like it would be very pocket friendly.

All of which considered, while exciting from a tech point of view, seems quite daunting in terms of the phone's eventual price point. Folding phone prices on Android have crept down a bit over the past couple of years, but they still remain very high and, well... Apple isn't a cheap brand. We can't see a folding Apple iPhone retail for less than $1,499/£1,399 right now – and especially not if it equipped like this.

Here's hoping we hear something more concrete about the real folding iPhone soon, as if there is one brand that could make foldables go properly mainstream then it probably is Apple.

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