Apple iPhone 13 to sport blisteringly vivid always-on display

Apple iPhone 13 display will boast 120Hz refresh rate and take notes from Apple Watch Series 6

iPhone 13
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News around the iPhone 13 is dialing up to a blistering pace. Now, unconfirmed reports suggest that the iPhone 13 series will borrow the much-loved, always-on display from the Apple Watch Series 5 and the Apple Watch Series 6.

With rumors surrounding a redesigned Face ID function, alongside news of a smaller notch on the latest iteration of iPhone models, Apple is gunning for the top spot and looking to impair the success of the many featured handsets on the best Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S21. Let the battle commence.

The information comes from the tech tipster, Max Weinbach, who delivers frequently accurate information around Apple products. 

Apple’s display technology is set for a big overhaul should reports hold to be true: this doesn’t mean a permanently displayed screen with all its constituent elements glaring up from it, which could be an unnecessary battery drainer. Interestingly, Weinbach suggests that the lock screen will instead always show the battery and clock icon, even if the display is locked, doing so irrespective of the illuminated state of the rest of the screen.

Featuring in our recent coverage, the lucid LTPO always-on displays will probably come from Samsung, boasting a 120Hz refresh rate, mirroring the Apple iPad Pro (2020). This enables silky smooth functionality, making scrolling hassle-free. The Apple Watch Series 6 already uses an LTPO always-on display, and it’ll be interesting to see how this crosses the digital membrane into a handset.

We're not sure where Apple finds time for all its new ideas: characteristically busy every month of the year, recent news even suggests it's decided to pursue a colorful clamshell-style device for its hotly-tipped flippable phone. Not to mention the beautiful designs for a potential iPhone SE follow-up in the iPhone SE 3 that recently broke cover. It certainly squeezes every last drop of creativity out of the 365 days year-on-year. 

In regards to the always-on display, the details are still fairly scarce on the exact workings, but Weinbach says: “Notifications seem to be displayed using a bar and icons. Upon receiving, the notification will pop up normally except that the screen will not entirely light up. Instead, it will display just like you’re used to right now, except dimmed down and only temporally.”

Although the always-on screen has minimal customizability, it should please users who’re fans of the more recent Apple Watch wearables. The 2021 iPhone Pro models could feature a grippier soft matte back to boot, sporting a more texturized surface to aid comfort in hand. Our pick of the best iPhones has everything you need before the new round of handsets hits the shelves.  

The always-on functionality in the later Apple Watch models is highly sought after and rightly so. It could be a nice touch should Apple pull this off and successfully transfer the technology to the bigger screens of its iPhone 13 models. It's certainly a feature that we'd love to have native to our Apple handsets. 

Source: EverythingApplePro

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