iPhone 13: 5 BIG changes coming to Apple's next flagship

iPhone 13 rumors suggest we'll see these five big changes come to Apple's next iPhone

iPhone 12S Pro renders
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It's still early days for iPhone 13 leaks and rumors, but there's still enough info out there that we can start to put together a picture of Apple's next flagship, and it looks set to be a doozy.

The iPhone 13 should see standard upgrades fans now expect with the yearly iterations, but there are some changes Apple is rolling out that we've been waiting on for years; they're long overdue, and are cause for a small buzz of excitement which we can allow to escalate as the launch gets closer and we get more details. 

Here are five big changes we're expecting to see roll out in the iPhone 13:

First portless iPhone 

Apple is gearing up to release the first portless smartphone with the iPhone 13. Trusted leaker Jon Prosser says his sources indicate that the portless models will be the Pro variants, elaborating on the rumors that it would be just the one model.

The MagSafe charger has paved the way for this overhaul, and according to Prosser, there are working iPhone 13 portless prototypes out there right now, so he's confident we'll see an Apple iPhone that has scrapped its ports this year.   

iPhone 13 short notch concept

(Image credit: Jon Prosser/ Front Page Tech)

Shrinking the notch

While other smartphone manufacturers have been beavering away on shrinking down the space that the front-facing camera takes up on the display, Apple has brazenly been releasing its iPhone models each year with a sizeable notch across the top of the device; while it's certainly a distinctive aesthetic that we all associate with Apple's iPhones, that's not necessarily a good thing.

Smartphone users want to get the most out of their displays, especially with smaller handsets like the iPhone 12 Mini, and Apple is finally doing something about it this year: just not as much as we'd like. 

Apple is set to stick with a notch, but rather than make it narrower across the width of the display, it could make it slightly shorter instead, as per leaker Jon Prosser's render above.

It's not set in stone just yet, and it's not a change to the degree we'd have liked to see, but it's something Apple is working on. What form the final notch will take is something we don't know just yet. 

120Hz refresh rate 

Apple's iPhones have been stuck with a paltry 60Hz refresh rate for a while now, which is mad for a premium flagship in this day and age, so news that it's finally looking to play catch up is great!

Don't expect to see the snazzy new panels on all four iPhone 13 models though. It's just the iPhone 12 premium models, like the Pro and Pro Max variants, that will be getting this long overdue upgrade. 

The LTPO panels are coming from Samsung and are expected to have a variable refresh rate, which is already a feature of the company's own Galaxy S21 series, which will help with power consumption. 

LiDAR scanner and upgraded camera 

This one isn't that unexpected, given Apple's next iPhone will be an improvement on the current series. Reports suggest we'll see an upgraded ultra wide (f/1.8) lens on the iPhone 13 this year.

Apple is also expected to keep the LiDAR sensor that's featured on the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and 2020 iPad Pro, but is rumored to be bringing the scanner to all four smartphone models. 

The decision would be a surprising one, so don't count on it happening, but we'll undoubtedly see it in the premium models regardless.  

iPhone 12 Pro

(Image credit: Apple)

Increased storage

The iPhone 13 – or at least the iPhone 13 Pro – is purportedly going to be touting a whopping 1TB of storage which puts in on a par with the Xbox Series X, and gives it more to work with than the PS5

While a bump to storage is great, it's going to come with a hefty price tag, so will Apple opt to offer this option at an even more premium price that we'd otherwise expect, and hope people will fork out for it?

We're not sure, and we've had no confirmation of any of these rumors so far, so take it with a pinch of salt. 

iPhone 13 name

If you're been hearing the iPhone 12S moniker being bandied around recently and are wondering what's going on, it seems that Apple may be returning to its S iteration of iPhones, starting with the iPhone 12S this year.

It's likely that an iPhone 13 won't be coming, and we've been talking about a device that is set to carry the name iPhone 12S instead. We saw some stunning renders of the new iPhone this week, and that name is currently the frontrunner for Apple's next smartphone.  

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