Samsung Galaxy S21 cash rebate makes it a steal over Apple iPhone 12

Samsung to reimburse Samsung Galaxy S21 costs in line with other retailers' sweeping discounts

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
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The entire range-topping Samsung Galaxy S21 series launched $200 cheaper than Samsung Galaxy S20; and, now, there’s even more discount to be had with multiple retailers ceremoniously rolling out discounts. In response to this, Samsung is offering to price-match, saving you the hundreds more you paid on launch only a month or so ago. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call customer service.  

Samsung, of course, is extremely busy churning out a range of products, at the behest of its loyal fanbase, who demand ever more sophisticated hardware. A follow-up to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 that could boost its aesthetics to leave the Apple Watch Series 6 in its tracks; it's even found time to commit to the Galaxy Note 21, despite earlier news that it was being killed off, now reported as very much alive and kicking, as an idea.  

In the meantime, chow down on a tasty Samsung rebate: it's direct cash in your pocket, hassle-free, and only a few clicks away.

Everyone’s favorite tipster, Max Weinbach, tweeted an alert to the trick, which will let you nab a sizable refund by contacting Samsung support. That's up to $100 back on the cheaper Samsung Galaxy S21, otherwise up to $200 for the more expensive Samsung Galaxy Plus and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

It appears US-centric at the moment. According to the feed, all you need to do is contact Samsung support, evidence a discount from one of the likes of B&H Photo, Best Buy, and Amazon, which have already marked down the costs, and you'll get a refund.

It appears to be nearly instantaneous, as well, with one user sharing a screenshot of a very quick response from Samsung support; apparently, it works with trade-in, too, where you'll receive credit back. The discounts being offered at retailers are the equivalent to the credit that the tech giant tacked on to its pre-orders. By Samsung offering to price-match these stores, it won't leave customers who only last month grabbed a pre-order feeling hard done by.

If you’ve got the cash to spare and don't own a Samsung Galaxy S21 already, the aforementioned retailers are pushing big discounts outrightly. That's a tidy $999 (about £721 / AU$1291) for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra; $799 (roughly £576/AU$1033) for the Samsung Galaxy S21+; or, $699/£504/AU$902 for a Samsung Galaxy S21. These are temporary price cuts but don’t require extra sign-ups or hidden fees to unlock. If you're still left aghast at those prices, then check our rundown of the best cheap phones, which deliver unbridled bang for your buck. 

It means the Samsung Galaxy S21 range is now a lot more palatably priced than before. It comes as sweet relief to the exorbitantly priced, but innovative Samsung Galaxy Z Fold phones, including the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3, and the clamshell-style Samsung Galaxy Z Flip that is hardly chump change. 

It's worth doing this to prevent yourself from being stung by the price decrease if you originally paid more. If you fancy something entirely different, our pick of the best Android phones is a good place to start.

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