Samsung Galaxy Watch redesign makes Apple Watch 6 look archaic

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 2.0 concept features a detachable face and slew of straps

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2.0 concept
(Image credit: Yanko Design)

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 was released last year, and while it has a host of fantastic features, it's looking a little dated in comparison to the plethora of other smartwatches and fitness trackers hitting the market; but Samsung's smartwatch range gets a much-needed makeover with these stunning concept images. 

If you're bored with the iterative design Samsung is churning out, the renders for the Galaxy Watch 2.0 could impress, with a detachable watch face with an aesthetic that lies somewhere between the Fitbit and Apple Watch.

The big draw is the straps, which allow for a huge range of customisation and activities, and take the device from office chic, to gym-ready, and everything in-between.  

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2.0 concept

(Image credit: Yanko Design)

The concept images are courtesy of Yanko Design (via Concept Phones) and are the handiwork of designers Howard Nuk, Jeffrey Borges Jones, and Sun Son. They utilise a curved, rectangular body that can slot into a huge variety of watch straps by slotting into adhesive silicone slots, or laser-cut, metal incisions.

The great thing about the band designs is that they skew towards both masculine and feminine interpretations, as well as practical, and stylish, so you can slide your Samsung Galaxy Watch 2.0 into any one of the straps depending on what you need from your wearable on any given day.   

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2.0 concept

(Image credit: Yanko Design)

We love the form factor of this revised Samsung Galaxy Watch 2.0, but will Samsung abandon its tried-and-tested design to strike out towards something new?

The Korean tech giant made waves with the Galaxy Fold, and has continued to expand its foldables range with the Galaxy Z Flip. There's even whispers of a third foldable with a new design joining the Z series line up. We'd be surprised if its wearbles division sticks its heels in the sand when it comes to revamping the Galaxy Watch.

If it follows Apple's lead, we may see smart straps for the watch make an appearance down the line, although that would undoubtedly jack up the strap prices, but make them more of an integral part of the watch that deserves to be lavished with more attention. 

While we wait for someone at Samsung to take note of these stunning designs, you can check out T3's top picks for smartwatches and fitness trackers in our best smartwatch and best fitness trackers guides. 

Source: Concept Phones

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