Samsung teases a new foldable phone for its Z series

Samsung hints at a third foldable smartphone with a totally new design to join the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip lines

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
(Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy S21 made its debut this month, bringing a slew of changes to the line; and Samsung's not stopping there, teasing a possible new addition to the foldable Z series. 

As it stands, the flagship smartphones for the brand are comprised of the S series, the Note series, and the fairly recent Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip lines. Samsung is rumored to be putting an end to the Note series – despite its denial on the matter – but with S-Pen support now available for the S series, and reportedly coming to the Galaxy Z Fold 3, a follow up to the Galaxy Note 20 seems less relevant by the minute.

It's speculated that we may see a Fan Edition of the Note 20 this year, which will retain a few key features but drop the bells and whistles to hit a lower price point, in the same vein as the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. But if Samsung does drop the Note, it looks like it's set to fill the void with a brand new phone, and given its comments, it could well be a new member Z series. 

During Samsung's Q4 earnings call (via Seeking Alpha), CFO and president, Yoon-Ho Choi, said that while the company can't disclose its plans for future products, it has "several form factors designs" it's working on right now, which it will unveil once it's hashed out the finer details. 

The comment came off the back of an answer to a question about its 2021 Fold lineup, with Choi saying:

"...In 2021, we will continue to strengthen our Z Fold and Z Flip lineup with the aim of popularizing the foldable form factor. In the case of the Z Fold, it will solidify its positioning in the super premium segment especially highlighting the usability it offers with a large screen, for example, for entertainment or productivity, cases.

"For the Z Flip, that will aim to satisfy and target the needs of the millennials, as well as female users with its differentiated stylish design and also competitive prices."

He added that Samsung is looking to expand on the foldable ecosystem by "actively reflecting the feedback of users of previous foldable models and also increasing the strategic cooperation with strategic partners," to create a better customer experience, and higher quality product. 

It very much sounds like a new foldable is in the works, but whether we'll it this year or next is unclear. For now, you can check out our tops picks of the best phones while we wait for more tidbits.

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