WiFi dropping out? BT and EE now offer indestructible WiFi

BT Halo 3+ WiFi uses mobile data to step in if your WiFi bombs out on that important Zoom call

BT Halo 3+ WiFi
(Image credit: BT Halo 3+ Press)

Reliable internet is the mainstay of any decent remote working setup; still, many homes are affected by patchy Wi-Fi, unreliable routers, and a truly miserable internet experience. 

Now, BT is riding to the rescue with its BT Halo 3+ package – a shatterproof WiFi offering, combining full-bodied broadband connection, plus mesh Wi-Fi for an unshakeable browsing experience.

Angelic in name, and angelic by nature: BT Halo 3+ joins full-fiber broadband with an EE mobile data connection. To clarify, BT is EE’s parent company: through BT Halo 3+, they synchronize together, which means EE seamlessly steps in should your BT Wi-Fi drop out for any reason. There are already several speedy Wi-Fi options on the market in terms of hardware, including the Netgear Orbi 4G LTE, and the Netgear Orbi WiFI 6, both offering speedy and simple home networking. However, BT Halo 3+ pledges something different.

In terms of hardware, BT’s new Hybrid Connect setup box works with the Smart Hub 2 router, BT’s mesh Wi-Fi, and Complete Wi-Fi, to oversee your mobile connection, quickly introducing the EE mobile data to maintain your internet connection should it bomb out. 

Friends on Skype calls, Zoom, any form of video calling software, shouldn’t even realize the momentary loss of coverage. Of course, hardware solutions can offer revelatory fixes, but sometimes all it needs is several handy tricks to get the best from your existing router without breaking the bank overhauling your WiFi setup. 

The BT Halo 3+ package is touted as an unparalleled Wi-Fi experience, which offers the best of both broadband and mobile data, converging to ‘redefine broadband reliability’. BT Halo 3+ is available in the UK from February 5, costing $90 / £65.99 / AU$117 for a rapid connection, which can reportedly reach speeds of up to 900Mbps. 

This comes with a pinch of salt, as it depends on the coverage in your local area and, well, Wi-Fi speeds are notoriously unpredictable. That said, the Wi-Fi mesh apparatus ensures comprehensive coverage in your home: bedrooms, lounge, or kitchen. Full coverage to keep you dialed up at all times.

BT customers can opt to bolt-on Hybrid Connect to their existing broadband subscription for an additional $10/£7/AU$12. Obviously, users may have other preferences when choosing their Wi-Fi: you can use our best mesh network, or best Wi-Fi extenders, to help you dramatically boost Wi-Fi coverage, otherwise head over to T3’s choice of the best wireless routers to nail the basic setup.

With remote working now integral to our daily lives, it's always great to hear of new WiFi options, especially one that has a fail-safe mechanism through mobile data. Seeing as so many people hotspot from their phones if their internet drops out, baking it into a more holistic WiFi setup is a savvy move. 

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