iPhone 13 Pro Max video shows the most beautiful Apple iPhone we've ever seen

Completely port-less ✔️ 120Hz display ✔️ LiDAR sensor ✔️ Thinner notch and bezels✔️ Most beautiful iPhone ever ✔️

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max video
(Image credit: Technizo Concept)

As each month passes by we learn more and more about Apple's incoming iPhone 13 series of phones, with news on its release date as well as all-new display the latest nuggets of information to break cover. This has led to five new changes the series is going to introduce from the iPhone 12 to be identified by analysts, giving us a solid idea of what to expect.

Now, though, we just got our best look yet at just what the range-topping Apple iPhone 13 could be like with these changes implemented. That's because a stunning new concept, based on leaks and rumours, has just shown off an an Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max concept in unprecedented detail. And, quite simply, it's the most beautiful iPhone we've ever seen. Take a look at the below video to see what we mean.

As identified by leaked information, this concept video shows off an iPhone 13 Pro Max design equipped with smaller notch, a completely port-less build, a 120Hz refresh rate display with LTPO tech for energy management, and a built-in LiDAR sensor.

The design also features thinner bezels than the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, and as such a slightly larger display size overall.

The really futuristic addition to this handset is arguably the completely port-less design, which relies on wireless charging and a Smart Connector for connecting third-party accessories.

Here at T3 we consider port-less phones the ideal end-point in terms of charging tech, and you only have to look at the rapid wireless charging now capable on phones like the OnePlus 9 and the advances in over-the-air wireless charging to see that is where we are headed.

For Apple to implement that, though, then it would need to drastically increase its wireless charging rate. Will that happen in the next iPhone? We're thinking not, but it's still cool to see this concept, which comes courtesy of future tech designer Technizo Concept, rock the futuristic tech.

What this phone doesn't show is if the iPhone 13 will indeed come with less access to 5G bands than the iPhone 12, which has been rumored to be incoming as a cost-cutting measure. The idea is that, unlike the iPhone 12, which offers access to all 5G bands worldwide, the iPhone 13 is going to only feature access to the 5G band that is used in the region that it is sold.

Here's hoping we hear more about the Apple iPhone 13 range of handsets soon, and that it can introduce many of these features, such as a 120Hz refresh rate display, that have been commonplace on Android flagship phones for years now.

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