iPhone 12 set to rival Galaxy S20 FE in THIS area

Apple's iPhone 12 has had yet another leak that will go down well with fans

iPhone 12
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The iPhone 12 launch event is just two weeks away, slated for Tuesday, October 13, and the leaks have been coming thick and fast as we edge closer to the big day.

Recent reports have confirmed that Apple is mixing up the format it used with the iPhone 11, by launching four models, not three, by adding an iPhone 12 MIni into the mix, and now more details have come to light that suggest yet another phone is being added to the line-up, as well as revealing a vibrant array of colorways for the base model that can take on the rainbow of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.

WinFuture reports that the cheapest iPhone 12 model will be available in one of six colors: black, white, blue, coral, yellow, and (Product) Red. Given that the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 Mini is set to be the cheapest option, we assume this is the handset in question.

As for the remaining models, they'll apparently be limited to a much more subdued color palette consisting of just black, white, and silver. 

The iPhone 11 launched in six colors:  purple, yellow, green, white, black, and (Product) Red. The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max offer four: midnight green, space gray, silver, and gold, so the options are getting trimmed down this year.

The details have come from a retailer's order system, which also reveals five models set for a 2020 release, as opposed to four.   

We have heard of a fifth, LTE version of the iPhone 12 which will come with a lower price tag as a result, but it's not due for launch until next year. 

Aside from a report from last year that PhoneArena cites, which said that six smartphones would be on the way from Apple, this is the first we've head of it in recent months. 

It seems unlikely, but apparently all six will be announced at the event, so we'll have to see if this is corroborated by any other trusted industry insiders. 

Source: WinFuture via Tom's Guide

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