iPhone 12 price slips out – and Apple fans aren't going to like it

The Apple iPhone 12 has been tipped to cost $50 more than iPhone 11 despite not coming with EarPods or a charger

Apple iPhone 12 video
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Bad news, everyone. Within weeks of Apple iPhone 12 reports hitting the internet stating that the new iPhone was going to be cheaper than the iPhone 11, comes the frustrating news that it could actually be more expensive, despite not coming with a charger or set of EarPods in the box.

That's because, as reported by respected Apple news site MacRumors, Apple analyst Jeff Pu has forecast that iPhone 12 pricing will begin at $749 for the new 5.4-inch model, which is a direct $50 increase over the introductory iPhone 11 model.

According to Pu, the price hike is primarily because of the addition of 5G and an OLED display, which feature on all iPhone 12 models, while the iPhone 11 is only 4G and has an LCD display.

Pu says that this price increase will be "accepted by consumers", though, and "will not affect demand", apparently predicting that Apple fans will stomach the extra cost to get their hands on a new iPhone. This lines up with previous predictions that Apple is looking forward to a "supercycle" of new iPhone upgrades this year.

Here at T3, though, this does not come as welcome news. 5G and an OLED screen now feel to us like they should be expected on a flagship phone such as a new iPhone, and you only have to look at the Android phone market to see that makers have been delivering these sorts of upgrades to their customers, without price increase, for over 18 months now.

And, what's more, they've not stripped away in-box items, either.

That price is where iPhone 12 pricing begins, too, meaning that we can expect phones like the iPhone 12 Max and iPhone 12 Pro, to retail for even more. A price of $1,099 has been rumoured for the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Here's hoping this forecast by Pu is incorrect.

What will the Apple iPhone 12 range look like? The below video reveals all:

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