iPhone 12 looks stunning in these brand new images

The iPhone 12 looks fantastic in these vibrant new colours

iPhone 12 design concept
(Image credit: svetapple.sk)

The iPhone 12 launch may have been delayed but we're still excited to see the upgrades and improvements Apple has in store at the reveal event – which is also likely to be pushed back, so we'll see the handset unveiled in October, with the four models getting a staggered launch in the weeks after. 

Reports of upgrades to the innards, as well as somewhat of a redesign, have been rife, and with rumours of the Galaxy S20 FE upping the ante in the colour department, these latest iPhone 12 images are hitting back with a vengeance. 

Swedish website Svetapple has put together a handful of renders showing off the base 5.4-inch iPhone 12 model in an array of vibrant colours that Apple has previously visited with the iPhone 11, except these hues are much more impactful. 

iPhone 12 concept

(Image credit: svetapple.sk)

The renders also include the smaller notch that everyone has been hoping for, but which may not happen. According to the website, the notch "could be about 1/7 smaller than at present" but won't be all that noticeable on the base iPhone 12 model. 

The more promising news with regards to the display is the OLED panel which allows for a thinner bezel, unlike the old LCD displays.

The renders look similar to the iPhone 12 redesign seen with the dummy models that were doing the rounds this week, including the flat edges, indicating Apple is over the rounded chassis we saw with the iPhone XiPhone Xs, and iPhone 11. 

We think the new design coupled with these bolder colours is a great look for Apple's new flagship - we just need to wait for official work from the tech giant when it reveals the iPhone 12 this October. 

Source: Svetapple via Tom's Guide

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