Internet Explorer 9 beta landing 15 September

New-look browser set for Vista and Windows 7

The Big M wants to celebrate "The Beauty of the Web." Nope, us neither.

Microsoft is unleashing Internet Explorer 9 beta on 15 September, at a special gathering in San Francisco. In an invite sent to hacks and devs, the Big M says it's planning to celebrate, “The Beauty of the Web.”

What exactly that means is unclear, but what you can expect is a jazzed up browser which will play nice on both Vista and Windows 7. XP users are being kept outside of the party though, so if that's you you'll need to smarten up and get with the kids to get involved.

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Microsoft is facing increasingly tough challenges from the new-look version of Firefox and the ever-expanding Google Chrome. It'll be desperate to make IE 9 sound as cool as possible to tempt devs and hardcore users to switch back.

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Via Engadget