I tried LG's G3 OLED and now think Samsung S95 and Sony A95 aren't so safe

The LG G3 OLED is a much brighter TV than its predecessor, even Samsung's S95 and Sony A95 QD-OLED options should be worried

(Image credit: Future / Mike Lowe)

It's been an interesting few weeks. A couple of months after CES 2023, the tech showcase used to reveal a number (albeit fewer than typical) of the best new TVs, I've since visited Samsung, Sony and LG showcases in the UK and on the continent to explore their 2023 ranges. And what I've seen may surprise you.

Whilst I've already waxed lyrical about the Sony A95L QD-OLED and concluded that the Samsung S95C is more impressive than its step-down S90C, it's the newest entry that I've seen with my own eyes, LG, which has just blown me away with its G3 OLED

I'd thought nothing was going to rival QD-OLED technology in 2023, but LG has just proven otherwise. The G3 OLED is still every bit in the running because this TV uses a new technology called MLA, or Micro Lens Array, to emit greater brightness than its G2 OLED predecessor


(Image credit: Future / Mike Lowe)

MLA technology is impressive because it allows for an increase in luminance by minimising loss of light (it even uses less energy as a result, so that's a win-win). That's how the G3 OLED is a massive 20% brighter than the previous generation panel. And now I've seen the G2 and G3 TVs side-by-side I can confirm the difference is night and day.

Where things start to get even more interesting, however, is when compared to the nearest currently-available best OLED TV technology from the competition. Now, caveat time, I've only seen the LG G3 OLED next to the Samsung S95B and Sony A95K, i.e. the 2022 flagships from last year. And I can confirm that the jump in both those companies' top-end QD-OLED panels is markedly improved for 2023.

However, with the LG G3 OLED sat in among its Samsung and Sony competition I have to say that it more than holds up. Indeed, in default out-of-the-box mode the G3 is the brighest of the lot, yet still delivers on that super-rich deep blacks and low-luminance colour palette that traditional OLED is just so good at delivering. So QD-OLED isn't the default choice by any means, especially if you want that more nuanced and cinematic appeal.


(Image credit: Future / Mike Lowe)

Bright is clearly the name of the game in 2023 – and given that the LG G3 OLED can top out peak brightness at over 2000 nits, something that I didn't realistically think OLED panels would be able to manage, there's no lack of punch from this technology. That LG is still keeping OLED so at the top of its game 10 years after its first TV of this type is testament to the work going on. 

My only criticism? The LG G3 OLED's One Wall Design is, as you'd guess from the name, designed for wall-mounting. In the UK for the majority of owners that would mean buying a separate stand and not using the (included) wall bracket. If you were to buy the step-down C3 OLED instead (stand included, wall-mount not) then you would forego MLA technology and therefore brightness. 

Pricing and availability is yet to be announced across the LG 2023 range, just as it is for Samsung and Sony at the time of writing, but if you're weighing up the options between LG G2/G3 OLED or 2022/23 QD-OLED options, the pricing below shows you how the three majors compare in 65-inch form. 

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