Samsung S90C vs S95C: which QD-OLED is best for me?

Samsung's top OLED model, the S95C, has a little brother: the S90C. But how do they differ?

Samsung S95C vs S90C
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When it comes to the best TVs money can buy, Samsung's top-tier QD-OLED model, the S95 series, is an absolute stormer. The S95B model has been sat high in our best OLED list for being just so impressive.

While there's a new S95C model in town, which ups the brightness by 20% compared to the older model, there's also a step-down S90C model for 2023. But which of the two should you consider and why?

Samsung S90C vs S95C: Sizes & Design

Both S95C and S90C come in three sizes: 55-inch, 65-inch and 77-inch. That final  and largest size is new for the range, as it lacked in the earlier S95B model. 

In terms of design the S95C features a super-slim design and thanks to its inclusion of the One Connect box - which houses all the ports in a separate box attached to the TV by one cable - so it's ideal for wall-mounting. I've seen the TV at both CES 2023 and a Samsung forum and it looks super. 

By comparison the S90C doesn't have One Connect, so it's a thicker design to accommodate the ports on its frame. 

Samsung S90C vs S95C: Price & Availability

The S95C will be available to pre-order from 8 March 2023 in the UK. Pricing isn't yet confirmed in Sterling, however, but with Euro pricing at 2499 for the 55-inch, 3299 for the 65-inch, and 4799 for the 77-inch, you can expect similar equivalents. 

The S90C isn't expected to arrive until later in the year, although the date is unconfirmed. Euro pricing is set at 1999 for the 55-inch, 2799 for the 65-inch, and 3999 for the 77-inch. So about a 20% uplift in asking price. 

Samsung S90C vs S95C: Picture & Sound

That 20% price difference is a figure that carries through to picture too: the S95C is expected to be about this much brighter than the S90C, although this isn't officially confirmed. So if you want the brightest picture you'll need to pay the extra to acquire it. 

It's not only the picture quality that differs, though, with the S95B including Samsung's Object Tracking Sound Plus (or OTS+), which means more speakers, more powerful output and greater immersion. The S90C does include OTS Lite, which means fewer speakers and less power. Both sets support Dolby Atmos though. 

Samsung S90C vs S95B: Conclusion

The Samsung S95C is the top-tier telly in the company's OLED range. I've seen it in person and it's so bright and punchy, it's an obvious choice. I think QD-OLED shows its worth compared to conventional OLED panel technology too. 

That said, if you don't mind losing out on a little brightness, are okay with a thicker design, and can wait longer to obtain one then the S90C is still a great choice for a little less money. But you may also be able to obtain an S95B from last year on offer, which could be a great alternative. 

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