I think Philips Hue’s new personalised smart bulb starter kits look fantastic

You can now get your perfect Philips Hue smart bulb setup right from the start

Philips Hue home entertainment setup
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I may have mentioned my love of Philips Hue smart bulbs once or twice, and I'm constantly scouring the best cheap Philips Hue deals to see how I can add to my ever-growing collection.

But if you haven't already headed down the Hue path, you might know that the Philips Hue starter kit options aren't very comprehensive: they're fine if you want a pair of identical bulbs for your hanging lights or table lamps, but they're not great if you want a lot of bulbs or need to mix and match bulb types. Until now, that is.

In a very welcome development you can now create your own custom Philips Hue starter pack – and you can save a lot of money while you're doing it.

To create your own starter kit, visit this page on the Hue website and follow a few simple steps.

How to customise your Philips Hue starter kit

There are only three steps to creating your own starter pack. First of all, find the bulb(s) you want to buy: the range includes not just full-sized bayonet and screw bulbs but GU10 spots, E14 candles and mood lighting such as the Play Bar. You can also select outdoor lights and ceiling lights.

Step two is to add the Hue Bridge to your basket. The most recent Hue bulbs can work over Bluetooth but the Bridge gives you all the toys and features.

Step three is the easiest: complete the order and wait for the postie to deliver your smart bulbs. And that's it.

This is a good deal, I reckon: Hue bulbs aren't the cheapest, so getting 25% off your entire order is great whether you're buying an entire smart lighting system or just need the flexibility of different bulb types in a small-room setup.

Make sure you check our Philips discount codes to see if you can save on your order.

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