Huawei P40 and Samsung Galaxy S20 BLINDSIDED by Apple's iPhone SE launch

Apple's entry-level iPhone SE, otherwise known as the iPhone 9, will reportedly come with 256GB of storage

iPhone SE
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Huawei P40. Samsung Galaxy S20. OnePlus 8. There's loads of high-profile phone launches that have either taken or are taking place this year. 

However, Apple could undercut the lot of them with a very different kind of release: the entry-level iPhone SE, a cheaper handset with a lower spec than Apple's usual flagship releases. 

Previously tipped to launch as the iPhone 9, the phone is going to follow in the footsteps of the original iPhone SE. A 4-inch phone smaller than the at-the-time flagship iPhone 6, the SE was geared towards those looking for a smaller, cheaper handset while still wanting a premium brand in Apple. 

The next-generation iPhone SE is rumoured to be a 4.7" handset, which is significantly smaller than the flagship iPhone 11 handset. News outlet GSMArena found a screen protector listed on Apple's official online store as the iPhone SE 2020, with that 4.7" size. 

Coincidentally, it's the same size at the iPhone 8, which suggests it'll be using the same chassis and screen as the 8 with updated innards. GSMArena also reports the iPhone SE 2020 will come with up to 256GB of storage.

iPhone SE2

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Pricing is expected to start around $399, which is very, very cheap for a new Apple handset. This is where Apple could have the edge on Huawei, Samsung and its other rivals: as the big names focus on flagship handsets, Apple could reach a whole generation of phone fans looking for a brand new phone, from a recognisable brand name, at a cheaper price than its contemporaries. 

The phone is due to be unveiled on April 15 according to recent leaks, just one day after Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus is due to reveal its flagship OnePlus 8

This could take the wind out of Samsung, OnePlus and Huawei's sales, boosting Apple's credibility with smartphone fans looking for a cheaper way to get ahold of current-gen technology. 

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