Google Pixel Fold suddenly sounds like an even more appealing foldable phone

These renders give us our best look yet at the rumored Pixel Fold foldable phone

Google Pixel Fold foldable phone render
(Image credit: Front Page Tech)

The Google Pixel Fold story has been something of a silicon-based soap opera: it's been an on-again off-again drama over the last few years that's been as tumultuous as any celebrity romance. But it seems that Google is now committed to making the best foldable phone for Android, and new renders suggest that Samsung should be worried. 

The renders were created by Front Page Tech, as reported by 9to5google, and are based on the multiple Pixel Fold leaks we've been hearing in recent weeks and months. This is reportedly the third version of the design, and it's very reminiscent of the Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Google Pixel Fold renders: what we've learnt

The inner display has gone for full-width bezels instead of an under-display camera array, and the USB-C connector is on the bottom of the right hand side screen. It's wider than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 but looks impressively thin. Rumours suggest that while it's compact, it's heavy due to the metal frames – because of course there are two frames here rather than the single frame of a non-folding phone.

Most rumours call this device the Pixel Phone, but a few have also suggested that Google may call it the Pixel Notepad or just Notepad. The predicted launch date is May 2003 at Google I/O 2023, and FPT predicts that the price will start at $1,799. Google's Pixel Tablet is expected to launch at the same time.

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