Google Pixel 7 looks less appealing after latest spec leak

The new flagship Android phone is dealt a massive blow

Google Pixel 7 Pro
(Image credit: Google)

Tomorrow, Google will host an event to launch the Google Pixel 7 phones, as well as the Google Pixel Watch. We've already seen the Google Nest smart home range get a massive upgrade, too.

And yet, thanks to more leaks than a colander in a waterfall, there doesn't seem to be much left for Google to reveal. We already have a pretty clear picture of the expected new items, and it seems all that's left for Google to do is formalise the details.

But, just when we thought we knew every detail about Google's new flagship Android phone, another leak surfaces. This time, it's a leak about the battery size, and it's not good news for Pixel fans.

According to slashleaks, the Google Pixel 7 is set to come with a smaller battery than its predecessor, the Google Pixel 6. Where the previous generation had a 4,614mAh battery, the new Pixel 7 will have to make do with a 4,355mAh unit.

Some of that may be relieved by the slightly smaller screen – the Pixel 7 will sport a 6.3-inch display versus the Pixel 6's 6.4-inch – though that doesn't feel like enough of a difference to make it up.

It's another blow for the Pixel 7. Recently, the Google Pixel 7 leaked specs showed very little difference over the current model. In fact, aside from the Tensor G2 chipset instead of the Tensor G1, the two handsets look almost identical. Those leaked specs suggested an upgraded 4,700mAh battery on the Pixel 7, too.

Fusing that spec sheet with a downsized battery makes it even harder to justify against the Pixel 6. Personally, I can see it being the difference maker for many, particularly with a host of Google Pixel 6 deals inbound. People want substantial battery life and on paper, this one just doesn't stack up.

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