Google Pixel 7 brings back one top feature not seen since Pixel 4

New Google Pixel 7 features have been revealed online

Google Pixel 7 Android phone in white, lemon and black colorways
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The Google Pixel 7 is quickly becoming something of a worst-kept secret. Google Pixel 7 leaked specs have left us with little little doubt over what will be unveiled at next weeks launch event, while leaks for the Google Pixel 7 price confirm the new device's price point.

Yet, with six days to go until the official unveiling, new features have been revealed by Twitter user Mishaal Rahman – including one that hasn't been present since the Google Pixel 4.

Rahman spotted both the Google Pixel 7 and the Google Pixel 7 Pro listed on the Google Play Console, a program for software developers to upload their apps to the Google Play store. 

Google Pixel 7 new features

Via the Google Play Console, Rahman was able to determine two new features that will be present on both the Google Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro. 

First, and most exciting, is the presence of face unlocking capabilities. It's unclear exactly how this feature will be implemented, though. Rahman suggests that it could be used alongside the fingerprint unlock, rather than as a standalone method of unlocking the device.

It's a welcome upgrade, though. Face unlocking hasn't been present on a vanilla Pixel since 2019, and, given that the Pixel 7's look set to match the price point set by the Pixel 6, any upgrade increases its appeal.

The second new feature Rahman found is support for multiple eSIM's. That means that dual SIM functionality will be available, and it wont be dependent on a physical SIM card either. eSIM's aren't massively popular in the UK yet, but they are growing, with 337 million of them sold worldwide in 2021. It's increasingly likely that eSIM's will be the standard before long, so having support on a new device helps to increase its longevity.

We'll get to find out what else Google have been working towards on October 6th, when the Pixel 7 phones will launch alongside the Google Pixel Watch, Google Nest smart home products, including a new Nest Doorbell, and possibly even a Google Pixel Tablet.

Can't wait for the Google Pixel 7?

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