Google just leaked a new smart home product – here's what you need to know

A new Google Nest Doorbell is expected at the Google Pixel event

A green Nest Doorbell against a white wall, being pressed
(Image credit: Google)

Google's next launch event is just one week away, and the rumour mill is awash with details of new products that we could see.

Revelations about the new Google Pixel 7 range of phones and the Pixel Watch have been dropping daily. There's even been talk of a foldable phone.

But Google themselves appear to have leaked a new product today. A promotional video celebrating the 'Pixel Portfolio' appears to show a familiar looking Google Nest Doorbell in a fetching new colour.

The shade – a sort of grey-green – isn't part of the current Google Nest range, suggesting that the tech giants could be bringing some more fashionable options to market on October 6th.

This is the first we've seen of any new colours. We don't know how many will be released or if this will be an update to the Battery or the Wired option, or both. But the leak could indicate a wider overhaul of the colour palette used in the Google Nest catalogue.

Google Pixel Tablet

The video also gave us a full 360° view of the Google Pixel Tablet which was teased at Google I/O 2022 back in May. It shows a magnetic connection on the back, which would indicate some kind of keyboard attachment will be available.

Elsewhere, the render confirms a single camera sensor, similar to what we see on the iPad Air.

A reverse shot of the Google Pixel Tablet in grey

(Image credit: Google)

Google Pixel event: what do we know?

The new generation of Pixel phones is going to be announced, along with the Pixel Watch. Google also mention Nest smart home products, but these have been unspecified until now.

Leaker Yogesh Brar tweeted an expectation for an updated Nest Doorbell, as well as a Pro variant of the Google Nest Wi-Fi. The latter is due an update to take advantage of Wi-Fi 6.

Rumours about the Pixel Tablet seem to be coming true, with that device in testing. But a Pixel foldable phone was also rumoured. If we are going to see that at next week's event, Google have done a fantastic job of keeping it under wraps. Currently, a smattering of patents and some amateur third-party renders are as much as we have on the Pixel Fold, so don't hold your breath.

Can't wait for the new Nest Doorbell?

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