Google Pixel 4a price plunge unlocks cheap pure Android phone deals

Google's Pixel 4a is easily one of the best budget Android smartphones available. Don't miss these deals on it

Google Pixel 4a phone deals
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Choosing the right smartphone is a very difficult thing to do. We've done hundreds of hours of testing to find the very best cheap phones and Google Pixel 4a consistently comes out as one of the best Android phones going.

Right from the top we should clarify that there are two models of the Google Pixel 4a available: the standard version, which is also the cheapest, and the more expensive 5G-equipped version. If you're looking for a great deal, we recommend sticking with the original model: 5G isn't good enough at the moment to justify the money.

The Pixel 4a was announced in September last year and instantly became a smash hit for midrange smartphone fans. It blends a largish display – 5.81-inches – with an amazing camera (something Google has always excelled at) and very low starting price. There are, of course, some compromises but then it's a cheap smartphone.

The biggest selling point for the Pixel 4a, in our view, is the 'pure' Android experience. Samsung, OnePlus, and loads of other manufactures will slap their own skin on top of Android – with lots of allegedly useful extra software – but for most, having the bare essentials and then adding things on top is the most ideal setup.

We're big fans of what Google does with the Pixel lineup and the 4a epitomises the very best: a cheap, well-featured smartphone with a fantastic camera that matches its rivals in all the areas that matter while painting a bargain price with a generous dollop of data on top.

The best Google Pixel 4a deals (US)

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Google Pixel 4a (128GB) | Mint | Rolling contract | $379 upfront | 10GB data | $20/month | Buy from Mint (opens in new tab)
T3's exclusive partner Mint offers a flexible, rolling contract with a generous 10GB data allowance (or 15GB for $25/month) and a variety of other perks. It's the best way to have a budget smartphone without the faff of a lengthy contract.

The best Google Pixel 4a deals (UK)

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Google Pixel 4a (128GB) | Three | 24 months | 100GB data | £29 upfront | £22/month from Three (opens in new tab)
Anyone in the UK can access a sweet deal directly from Three that offers a massive 100GB data – far more than most will need – for a low upfront and monthly cost. There's also a load of other perks that Three offers, if you want them.

Google's Pixel 4a, released late last year, is definitely one of the best budget Android smartphones we've tested. No other smartphone around the $300 price bracket can offer the same set of great hardware and software.

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