Google Pixel 4a price leak shocker could see fans turn to the OnePlus Z

The colour and price of Google's Pixel 4a handset have escaped into the wild

Google Pixel 4a OnePlus Z
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The 'a' series of Google devices skirt the budget smartphone category and ranks amongst mid-tire smartphones, cutting premium flagship features for a more affordable offering. 

Last year's Pixel 3a launched at £399 for the 64GB model, with a 128GB variant available for those who prefer more space. The latest leak for the Pixel 4a puts the price at around £460 although this appears to be for a 128GB device, which means we may see Google smartphone users who are in the market for a more budget handset jump ship to the OnePlus Z.

The leak comes from a couple of French retailers and was originally posted on Reddit. The price wasn't consistent across both sites, so it's likely that they're placeholders, but they still give us an idea for a ballpark figure of €509.56 which is around £460/ $575. 

That's significantly more expensive than the reports from earlier this year which placed it at around $350 for the base model with 128GB, making it a more attractive option that the budget iPhone SE which is priced $449/ £469 for the 128GB model. Of course, that includes VAT, and prices are often targeted for each territory, as opposed to being a straight up currency conversion. 

The colours for the Pixel 4a were also revealed with mention of 'Just Black' and 'Blue', which is an odd one, as Google's smartphone colour palette usually includes a black and a white variant, and one additional colour that jazzes things up a bit. 

The final titbit to be ferreted out from this leak is a release date, which is cited as July 7. This doesn't quite line up with what we've heard from other sources - specifically noted leaker Jon Prosser, who claims that Google has delayed the Pixel 4a debut yet again. 

Prosser tweeted that Google will still announce the device on July 13, but that it won't be available at retail until October 22, adding:

"I waited all week to report this to see if it was an error in the system. But I’ve confirmed it multiple times at this point. Keeping a close eye on things and with the way things are going, it could be changed again."

Hopefully, Google is still on schedule for a July announcement and will fill in the details on when we can expect the Pixel 4a to actually drop, along with the price. 

Shabana Arif

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