Google Pixel 4a pictures leak, and it's coming with WIRELESS charging

These Google Pixel 4a pictures showcase the phone's wireless charging capabilities. Are the iPhone SE's days numbered?

Google Pixel 4a
(Image credit: ESR Gear)

Google Pixel 4a will shake up the budget smartphone market when it arrives later this year. The smartphone, set to carry a 5.8-inch OLED display, 128GB storage and a 12.2MP single-camera sensor with great image capturing software, will reportedly start selling for $349 - around $50 less than chief rival iPhone SE's 64GB model.

It sounds like the phone will have plenty to recommend itself to smartphone fans on a tight budget, and this latest leak only adds to that list. If the source is correct, the new Pixel phone will arrive with wireless charging capabilities.

Renders of the Google Pixel 4a have leaked from UK-based phone case makers ESR Gear, to showcase its Pixel 4a Metal Kickstand Phone Case and Pixel 4a Slim Clear Soft TPU Case. It provides full renders of what is presumed to be the phone's final design (or something very close to it). 

As well as the phone's design (more on that later), it also showcases the device using a wireless charger, with the caption "charge with your case on". ESR is also offering "build a bundle" accessory packs with a case and charger bundled together for a discount. 

We've had similar details from other handsets in the past from phone case renders. Notably, before the Samsung Galaxy S20 series was unveiled in February, case leaks accidentally revealed the designs of all three phones in the form of digital renders, so this sort of leak isn't unprecedented, or even uncommon. 

Google Pixel 4a

(Image credit: ESR Gear)

What is is, however, is exciting. It shows off the Google Pixel 4a's square camera module, which seems to feature a single lens and sensor, which looks very similar to the rear module featured in those LetsGoDigital renders below. It also features a rear fingerprint sensor. Both are design features already prevalent in the Google Pixel 4, so it's clear Google are sticking to their guns for this go-round.

It also, crucially, reveals the wireless charging feature. Wireless chargers aren't often seen in the realm of budget handsets, but as the latest iPhone SE took the trouble of incorporating one into its design, the Pixel 4a would feel remiss without it. 

Previous (and accurate) Pixel 4a renders

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

The 4.7-inch iPhone SE is a pocket rocket, with a powerful A13 Bionic chip that Google's Pixel 4a is unlikely to be able to equal. However, the Google phone looks set to compensate with a lower price, better camera and larger OLED screen.

 With a competitive price and comparative features, Google definitely appears to be gunning for the iPhone SE's top mid-range spot. Will it succeed? We'll know more for sure once the Google Pixel 4a is formally announced.

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