Google Pixel 4a camera leaks: Could this be an iPhone SE-beater?

Google Pixel 4a could arrive with an iPhone SE-conquering camera

Google Pixel 4a
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The Google Pixel 4a has long been on our most wanted budget phones list. In fact, we've been hearing rumours regarding the handset ever since the Google Pixel 4 came out, which was rated a fine phone in itself with decent AI, software and a great camera for the price. 

But just as the 3a came before it, we're waiting on the Google Pixel 4a we know is in development. Google has always provided great photography gear for unbeatable value in its Pixel line, but a new leak shows the 4a stuns even compared to other budget phones such as the iPhone SE.

Julio Lusson, of Cuban news outlet TecnoLike Plus, has allegedly gotten hold of a Google Pixel 4a prototype and has taken to Twitter to show off what it can do in the camera stakes. Check out the leaked snaps below, in which Lusson compares it to another budget phone: the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7. 

Even though the Redmi uses a 48MP sensor as opposed to the Pixel 4a's 12.2MP sensor, it goes to show megapixels aren't everything. The Pixel 4a was able to pick up bags more colour and depth on both the wilderness picture and the Pokemon figurine. In case you've not picked up a GameBoy or played Pokemon Go on your mobile, that little guy's a Loudred. 

The more megapixels your sensor packs, the more detail you are supposedly able to fit in your picture. However, just because your lens catches a lot of light doesn't mean you'll be able to take good photos: lots of other factors come into play, such as the software used to render those shots. Here, Google takes the crown. 

These great shots are worrying news for the iPhone SE. The budget smartphone is also packing a single-lens 12MP camera with some of Apple's stellar software technology backing it. We said the phone's camera was "very impressive" in our exclusive review (especially for the price) so to have a rival at the same price point is bad news for Apple.

Can Google win back Pixel fans by offering premium camera tech at an affordable price? We'll know more for sure when the phone is formally announced. Stay tuned.

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