Google Pixel 4a price leaks in devastating blow to iPhone SE

Google could undermine iPhone SE's hold on the budget smartphone market with its great value Google Pixel 4a

Google Pixel 4a
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The iPhone SE has always been very popular, whether in its original incarnation or its 2020 update. A brand new phone with the latest tech aimed at those with tighter budgets, or people who don't really care about the upper-tier smartphone gimmicks, the iPhone SE has proved big hits come in small packages. 

But it might have some competition, as the Google Pixel 4a aims to unseat it by offering a great smartphone at a lower price than Apple's already cheap handset. 

The Google Pixel 4a is hotly tipped to feature a 5.8-inch OLED display, a solid (if unremarkable) processor and a 12.2MP single-camera sensor with great image capturing software behind it. With similar camera capabilities and a much larger display, the phone is also set to be incredibly cheap.

Leaker Stephen Hall, managing editor of 9to5Google, posted the latest Google Pixel 4a pricing leak on his Twitter account. His sources inform him the phone will be priced at $350 for the base model with 128GB storage, which is $50 less than the budget iPhone SE.

Check out the full tweet below:

The 4.7-inch iPhone SE is a pocket rocket, with a powerful A13 Bionic chip that Google's Pixel 4a is unlikely to be able to equal. However, the Google phone looks set to compensate with a lower price, better camera and larger OLED screen. 

The iPhone SE's price of $399 is for a model with 64GB storage, with prices increasing for 128GB models. Hall claims the Pixel 4's base price will be for the 128GB model, implying a potential 256GB release. 

iPhone SE

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If so, this might go a long way for the Google Pixel 4a to trump the iPhone SE. Gamers, for example, require more storage space and a larger screen, both of which the Google Pixel 4a provides. Likewise for those looking to download and watch movies on the go.

Will the iPhone SE retain its top spot once the Google Pixel 4a is released? It does have its processor going for it still, but in a somewhat-anecdotal observation, budget smartphone buyers aren't necessarily worried about the chipset's power, as long as it does the job. We'll know more for sure once the Google Pixel 4a is formally announced.

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