Get big arms like Chris Hemsworth with this Thor-some Centr Power workout

New, 10-week Centr Power workout programme will build muscle and was filmed on the set of Thor: Love and Thunder

Centr Power program Chris Hemsworth
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Chris Hemsworth is in the news again for the same reason he always is: because his arms look so damn big. On a recent Instagram photo, where he posed with Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi to celebrate the ending of the filming of the movie, Chris' arms just look insanely large, much to the envy of quite literally everyone else in the world. And now YOU can have arms like him, poten. That‘s thanks to the new Centr Power program, designed by Chris’ PT Luke Zocchi and demonstrated by Thor’s very own stunt double, Bobby Holland Hanton.

The Centr app is an all-encompassing health and wellbeing app headed up by the fitness experts that got Chris Hemsworth himself in shape such as the aforementioned Luke, who's credited with getting Chris in shape for over 20 movies, including the Thor and the Avengers. Joining the party is Bobby Holland Hanton, who's acted as Chris’ stunt double in countless films and most recently "got into the best shape of his life" with the help of Luke’s expertise.

"[Centr Power] is not about spending endless hours in the gym, it’s about training smarter, eating right and changing it up regularly to keep your body guessing and growing", Luke explains, "It’s not going to be easy but if you commit,you’ll be in a league of your own!"

The new Centr Power program is said to use the same formula A-listers use to gain muscle mass, including guidance on technique and form, It’s built around the key principles of building muscle, such as repetition of compound movements and volume, intensity, tempo and time-under-tension/moderate rest. There’s no big secrets here: non-Hollywood A-listers also use these same principles when building muscle. However, one look at Chris' arms tells you these are principles that work! 

Designed in three distinct 10-week levels, you start at beginner, intermediate or advanced based on your strength and lifting experience and from there, the intensity progresses as you move through each phase. Each Centr Power level incorporates all key muscle areas with varied splits, recovery days, and an optional weekly functional training session to "ensure you’re maintaining mobility alongside your newly discovered muscle mass."

We don't know whether the Centr Power program will incorporate diet tips, admittedly a very important part of the muscle building process, but considering that previous programs, such as Centr Unleashed, didn't include specific diet recommendations, we would assume the answer is 'no'. That said, there is an option in the app to say that you want to build muscle, after which Centr will recommend diet tips accordingly.

UPDATE: it's now confirmed there is no food component included in Centr Power but people can choose the 'Centr Muscle Build' planner option in the app.

From June, Centr members will also be able to track and record the reps they complete and weights they lift, a new feature for Centr that will allow those looking to build muscle to see their progress as they build strength and size.

Sign up for Centr today for a 7-day free trial.

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