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Asics running gait analysis
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According to survey conducted by Asics, 79% of runners are unaware of their running styles, whether they are pronating runners (when the foot rolls inwards) or neutral runners (foot rolling outward).

This can not only cause discomfort if you pick the running shoes, but it can also result in injuries and unwanted sprains on the long run. To spread the knowledge among runners, Asics has launched the Running Lab at its flagship Regent Street store in London, where you can have your gait analysed by one of their Run Masters.

Sports Podiatrist, Mick Habgood, advised on the importance of wearing the right shoe when running: “Research has shown that runners are at a higher risk of injury if they run in the wrong shoes, so I would always recommend runners to complete a gait analysis to ensure that they end up with the right shoe for them. Not only could this help to reduce the risk of injury but it could also help to improve their overall comfort and performance."

(Image credit: Asics)

What does pronation mean?

You can land your foot differently as you run and depending on what pronator are you, certain running shoes might feel more comfortable than others. Also, by choosing running shoes that supports your pronation style, you can avoid injuries too.

The four types:

During the Asics gait analysis, an Asics Run Masters will provide you with a full gait analysis to examine your individual foot type and unique movement whilst running. You can expect first hand advice on your personal running style and in the end walk out with a recommendation for the perfect running shoe for you.

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