Free Apple iBook on iPad and iPhone this weekend

Exclusive offer brings The Beatles' Yellow Submarine iBook free to iPhone and iPad

This weekend T3 readers are given the opportunity to download the iBooks version of The Beatles' Yellow Submarine for iPhone or iPad free

For all the Kindle-toting bookworms out there, it's time to give your virtual library an almight boost. But forget splashing out a fortune on the latest must-read (we're guessing you're already halfway through 50 Shades of Grey), as T3 has teamed up with Apple to offer

This weekend T3 is able to offer UK Apple iPhone and iPad owners an amazing literary freebie with a pre-Christmas treat seeing an illustrated book giving readers a magical mystery tour of one of the world's greatest ever bands through The Beatles' Yellow Submarine.

The Beatles' journey to save Pepperland from the music-hating Blue Meanies is filled with surrealistic humour, wit, and clever references to The Beatles' song titles and lyrics.

In this iTunes exclusive, clips from the movie have been included throughout and can be viewed either embedded in the page or at full-screen. The book also contains interactive animations as well as sound effects and music clips.

It's simplicity itself to get your free iBook of The Beatles' Yellow Submarine - just hit the link below

The Beatles Yellow Submarine iBook

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