Forget the treadmill – this five-move kettlebell workout burns fat and is gentle on the joints

If you don't enjoy running, then this is a great alternative

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The treadmill is arguably the most popular piece of cardio equipment in the gym, but if you can’t manage to get on it, don’t worry, you don’t need it. Try this 30-minute kettlebell workout instead, it won’t just help strengthen your body and burn lots of calories, but it’s far easier on the joints too. Bonus: it will also fire up your core muscles. Don’t have two kettlebells? You can use a pair of dumbbells instead. 

This MiraFit workout from Gareth Sapstead, founder of Elite Physique Training, focuses on loaded carries, so basically walking with a kettlebell and holding it in different positions. The benefit of loaded carries is that they’re a compound movement that works lots of muscle groups at the same time. This requires more energy, elevating your heart rate and helping burn calories, while also building muscle. They’re also excellent for your core strength too.

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As all the exercises are walking movements you'll definitely want to make sure you're wearing a decent pair of workout shoes to aid your stability (and protect your feet). There’s five exercises to work through in total; you’ll do each exercise for 60 seconds, followed by a 60-second rest. You’re aiming to complete three rounds, so it should only take you 30 minutes. Ready? Here’s your workout:

  • Farmer carries (hold a weight in each hand either side of you)
  • Front hold carry (hold your weights on your shoulders in front of you)
  • Overhead carries (hold your weights above your head)
  • Bicep isometric carry (hold one weight with both hands in front of you)
  • Goblet carries (hold one weight in a goblet position)

You can walk in a straight line or back and forth, just make sure your weights aren't too heavy as you want to be able to hit these exercises with good form. Fancy more alternative running workouts? Try this six-minute EMOM workout for those days you're a little tighter for time, or if you've got more time on your hands then give this full-body workout. You won't need any equipment for it either, just your bodyweight.

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