Forget running – this quick-fire workout blasts calories and strengthens your entire body

Get ready to set a timer for 30 minutes

A man performing push ups in the gym with some kettlebells by the side of him
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Running may be a great way to build your cardiovascular fitness and strengthen your muscles but, if you don’t enjoy it, you’ll struggle to find the motivation to lace up your running shoes. This high-intensity workout can provide similar results; not only will it sculpt your entire body and get your heart rate seriously pumped, but it will only take you 30 minutes. No equipment is required either, just reach for your best workout shoes.

All the exercises in this workout are compound exercises that work several muscle groups simultaneously. Not only are compounds great for increasing strength and muscle, but they're great for improving your cardiovascular fitness too. According to fitness app, Centr: "When the body needs to oxygenate multiple muscles at the same time, the heart rate rises so that blood flow can increase, resulting in cardiovascular fitness." This means more calories burned too, so you're getting strength and cardio in one – a win, win!

This workout is very straightforward; simply set your timer for 30 minutes and try to complete as many rounds as you can of the five exercises below. There are no set rests, you are in complete control of this, but you want to try and keep these to a minimum as the more you put in to this workout, the more you'll get out of it. Pacing yourself is therefore key, so make sure you don't go out too hot and have you water bottle to hand. Here are you exercises: 

Do each exercise for 10 reps

  • Squats 
  • Burpees 
  • Pike push up 
  • Alternating jumping lunges 
  • Hand-release push-up
  • V ups or leg raises

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