Forget running – this 3 move workout is all you need to burn calories and build stamina in 6 minutes

This EMOM workout is a great alternative

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Can’t think of anything worse than putting on your running shoes and heading outdoors for a ‘casual’ 5k? You’re not alone. At the end of the day running isn’t for everyone, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles, but there are plenty of other training protocols out there that can provide similar benefits – like this six-minute EMOM workout.

‘EMOM’ stands for ‘every minute on the minute’ and it’s where you perform an exercise for an amount of reps/or distance on the minute and then rest for any remaining time that you have left over. Depending on the exercise chosen, this type of workout can boost muscle endurance, strength, and improve your aerobic capacity. This particular workout focuses on the latter, as it’ll raise your heart rate in a short amount of time, firing up your metabolism and burning lots of calories in the process.

6"E2MOM workout

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The below workout is from Cody Lewin, a certified strength and conditioning coach at The Grain Store At Calcot. You'll need access to a rowing machine, ski-erg, and medicine ball, so this workout is best for the gym. It’s a 6-minute E2MOM, so instead of completing the exercises on the minute, you’ll do them every two minutes and rest for any remaining time within that two-minute time frame. We've actually tested the workout ourselves and can confirm your heart rate will be going through the roof (in a good way). Gym water bottle at the ready, here’s your workout:

Set a timer for 8 minutes and every 2 minutes complete the following:

  • Rowing machine – 200 metres
  • Ski-erg – 200 metres
  • Medicine slam balls – 6 reps (add an extra rep during each 2-minute round)

Fancy some other alternatives to running? Give this six-move bodyweight workout a go next, it's a HIIT-style session that will only take you 7 minutes. Alternatively, here's a simple rowing machine workout from HYROX Master Trainer, Jake Dearden, that'll elevate your heart rate and works your entire body.

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