Firm predicts 30% of wearable tech will be invisible by 2017

Flaunting your next smartwatch might be easier said than done

The next generation of wearables will be hidden in plain sight, according to a new report.

Gartner predicts in its 2015 Consumer Devices report that 30 per cent of "smart wearables will be unobtrusive to the eye" by 2017.

In other words unlike the LG G Watch R or the upcoming Apple Watch, the next roster of wearable tech will be inconspicuous, or invisible if you will.

Annette Zimmermann, Gartner's research director, said: “Already, there are some interesting developments at the prototype stage that could pave the way for consumer wearables to blend seamlessly into their surroundings.”

“Smart contact lenses are one type in development. Another interesting wearable that is emerging is smart jewellery,” continued Zimmermann.

She added: “There are around a dozen crowdfunded projects competing right now in this area, with sensors built into jewellery for communication alerts and emergency alarms.”

As Zimmermann explains, wearable tech companies are already taking the first steps to camouflaging their products into their surroundings. The Withings Activité fitness tracker is a clear example, incorporating hidden sensors and Bluetooth into a suave traditional watch.

Gartner not only predicts that wearable tech is going to go 'invisible', but also believes that 25 million head-mounted displays will have been sold by 2018. However the firm notes that manufacturers would need to overcome software and privacy challenges first.

Not only does this include controversial specs Google Glass, but also virtual reality gear like Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Sony Project Morpheus.

Source: Wearable