Fantastic! You can stream and own the Barbie movie sooner than you think

Return to Barbieland this month

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Barbie (and Ken I guess) has taken the box office, nay, the world by storm and you'll be pleased to know that you'll soon be able to relive the magic all over again.

Greta Gerwig's unique take on the world's most famous doll is genuinely one of the funniest movies I've seen in years, and it's great to see it rewarded for that success. The movie recently became the highest-grossing flick of 2023, taking over $1.3 billion at the box office. Now you'll be able to rent and even own it from the 12th of September. 

Considering it was only released (alongside Oppenheimer) in the middle of July, that's a speedy turnaround for a film that performed incredibly well. 

The film follows Margot Robbie's "Stereotypical Barbie" as she and Ken (Ryan Gosling) travel to the real world to try and figure out exactly why she's been having some very un-Barbie-like feelings of existential dread. I won't spoil

With Gerwig and Noah Baumbach on writing duty, you won't be disappointed as the film skewers everything from 2001: A Space Odyssey to Barbie creators Mattel itself. It's honestly hilarious and by the end, surprisingly poignant. The soundtrack is stuffed with original earworms too. 

Barbie movie

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When can I rent or buy Barbie?

The film will be made available to rent or buy on the 12th of September in both the UK and the US. Until then, just put the soundtrack on retreat and get your pink outfit ready. 

Ken, Ncuti Gatwa and Kingsley Ben-Adir in Barbie

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Where can I watch Barbie?

We haven't got a full list of platforms to bring you in the UK yet, but it will definitely be available via the Sky Store, yours to own for £19.99. 

In the US, the movie will be available on Amazon Prime Video, AppleTV+, Google Play, Vudu, and more for a $24.99 48-hour rental or $29.99 to own outright. 

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