Loved Oppenheimer? The 5 movies you should stream next

Other than Barbie of course

All Quiet on the Western Front
(Image credit: Netflix)

Christopher Nolan's latest three-hour epic is everywhere right now, but what do you watch after you've seen the final credits and composed yourself? Well, how about some of these movies? They aren't all war films, but we think that they definitely match the tone, atmosphere or just serious dad energy of Oppenheimer.

Of course, unless you've got some of the best surround sound, you won't be able to match the technical masterpiece of Oppenheimer at home, but there are plenty of films on the best streaming services to enjoy if you loved the movie. These are the 5 we recommend after Oppenheimer.  

1. All Quiet on the Western Front 

All Quiet on the Western Front

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Despite being set a whole World War prior to Oppenheimer, there's definitely a similar energy to Christopher Nolan's movie and this Netflix remake of Erich Maria Remarque's classic book. 

If you've not seen it, this 2022 version of All Quiet on the Western Front follows a group of German soldiers fighting in the trenches of France during the latter part of the First World War. Even if you have seen the original or read the book, this interpretation is well worth your time.

In his debut movie role, Felix Kammerer is an absolute star as baby-faced protagonist Paul, while the movie itself received a massive nine Oscar nominations (including best picture) and won best international feature. 

Catch All Quiet on the Western Front on Netflix.

2. V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta

(Image credit: DC)

Where Oppenheimer's invention was used to kill thousands, V for Vendetta pays homage to a much more localised attempted explosion. Guy Fawkes' attack on the British Parliament on the 5th of November.

We follow Natalie Portman's Evey as she winds up getting involved with the Fawkes mask sporting "V". A freedom fighter, determined to bring down the fascist Orwellian regime in charge, V and Evelyn find their fates very much intertwined.

Closer to a true action movie than anything else, there is still a very strong political message at the heart of this story that gives V's actions more meaning than your standard fare. Poignant but also a great popcorn flick all at once. 

You can stream V for Vendetta on Prime Video 

3. The Impossible 

The Impossible

(Image credit: Warner Bros)

It would be easy for this fictionalised retelling of the real 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami to feel distasteful, especially when it primarily follows the struggles of a tourist family desperate to be reunited. It is, however, a triumph of cinema. 

Starring Naomi Watts (who was nominated for an Oscar) Ewan McGregor and a young Tom Holland, The Impossible is a harrowing story of a disaster that we in the West often forget about. Much like Oppenheimer, the scale of destruction on screen is truly terrifying, especially when you research how director J. A. Bayona used real water to film.

The Impossible is now streaming on Disney Plus. 

4. Dunkirk 


(Image credit: Warner Bros)

You could fill this list with Christopher Nolan's movies, but we're opting for Dunkirk because of the WW2 setting and superb audio production. 

Recounting the story of the famous evacuation from Northern France, this movie brings a more personal angle while also keeping the epic scale of such a large undertaking. We follow British troops on land, sea and air as they try to escape from an impossible situation.

While Oppenheimer is the story of a technology that could impact the whole world, Dunkirk proves Nolan can make us care about individuals just as much. Cillian Murphy is in this one too.

Dunkirk is also available on Prime Video.

5. The Martian 

The Martian

(Image credit: 20th Century Studios)

Also starring Matt Damon, you might question The Martian being on this list, but hear me out. Both of these movies are about scientists, (albeit Damon's Watney is a botanist, not a theoretical physicist) and both see our protagonist in a race against time with science as their greatest tool.

Admittedly where the movies differ is that The Martian is tense yes, but also full of plenty of laughs. Accidentally abandoned by his crewmates on Mars, Mark Watney uses a mixture of his knowledge of the natural world and frightful levels of optimism to survive (oh and so many potatoes). This is a scary situation undoubtedly but Damon's easy charm and a witty screenplay help us keep watching even when things look hopeless. Jessica Chastain, Jeff Daniels, Kristen Wiig and Michael Peña round out an excellent ensemble cast. 

A perfectly uplifting story after Oppenheimer's harrowing three hours, The Martian is streaming on Disney Plus. 

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