Emma launches new Zero Gravity mattress that over-heaters will love

Emma’s new Zero Gravity mattress offers better heat control and pressure relief than ever before

Emma Zero Gravity mattress launch
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It’s already been a busy year for Emma, and the brand is showing no signs of slowing down with its latest launch. Emma has just released the Emma Zero Gravity mattress, a new model that promises to solve its overheating problems and offer premium hybrid support and better pressure relief than ever before.

Emma is well known for its range of luxury mattresses, duvets, pillows and bedding. T3 has tried its fair share of Emma products, many of which hold top spots in our best mattress and best memory foam mattress guides. Alongside the newly announced Emma Zero Gravity mattress, the brand also introduced the Emma Luxe Cooling mattress and the Emma NextGen Premium mattress in 2023. Both have been highly rated, particularly for their exceptional temperature control.

As someone who is a big fan of Emma, I did find a few issues with its heat retention. The main negative I found was with the Emma Diamond Degree Topper, which had a tendency to trap heat and leave me feeling hot and bothered in the night. But after several months of using the Emma Luxe Cooling mattress, I was extremely happy to see that this overheating issue had been rectified. Now with the new announcement of the Emma Zero Gravity mattress, I think Emma has solved its heating problems and hot sleepers and overheaters are sure to love this new model.

Like most of Emma’s mattresses, the Emma Zero Gravity mattress is a hybrid mix of foam and springs. The most exciting feature of the Emma Zero Gravity mattress is its new AirGrid foam layer, a hyper-elastic technology that’s designed to adapt to your shape and movement for a more comfortable and deep sleep. The AirGrid layer gives a cradling or moulding feeling that helps relieve pressure, particularly around the hips and back. This foam layer also absorbs movement so you’re less likely to wake up your partner in the night by rolling over or tossing and turning.

Close up of Emma Zero Gravity mattress construction

(Image credit: Emma)

The construction of the Emma Zero Gravity mattress is six layers of support and comfort. The base is made of HRX foam and has a layer of three-zone pocket springs that adjusts to your body and its movement. Next up from that are three individual layers of specially designed foam, including the new AirGrid foam and Emma’s Point Elastic Airgocell technology. The soft cover finishes off the mattress, which is removable and machine washable.

With temperature control in mind, the Emma Zero Gravity mattress has been designed with a Gel Grid layer that has large air channels for maximum airflow. This material stops the mattress from retaining heat and helps it maintain and control temperature for a cooler and more breathable night’s sleep.

Another cool (see what I did there) feature of the Emma Zero Gravity mattress is that the gel material in the mattress is cold to the touch. As cooler temperatures help you fall asleep better, the Emma Zero Gravity mattress can help you wind down faster and drift off quicker… what more could you want in a mattress?!

The Emma Zero Gravity mattress is now available on the Emma website, with prices starting at £1,329 for a single size. Emma runs regular discounts on its products so make sure to keep our Emma sales and deals page bookmarked for low prices on sleep essentials from Emma.

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