Disney+ just added a brilliant movie snubbed by 2024 Oscars – is it a winner?

A pair of Irish leads set this romance apart

All of us strangers
(Image credit: Searchlight Pictures)

There were some very worthy winners at this year's Oscars, and even a clapping dog but one thing you wouldn't have seen was a nomination for All of Us Strangers which was brutally snubbed. 

Despite that oversight, this is a movie that features two barnstorming performances from leads Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal, and one of the most heart-wrenching scripts of the year. Now, just a couple of months after the UK cinematic release, you can stream it on Disney+, and you really should spend some time on the streaming service. I'm not the only one who thinks so either, the film boasts an excellent 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, that's 3% more than Best Picture winner Oppenheimer

Based on the 1987 novel by Japanese author Taichi Yamada this is a tender romance with fantasy elements that will have your emotions all over the place. Andrew Scott plays Adam, a screenwriter struggling to stay connected to the world in a London tower block. 

Writing about his late parents (who died when he was a child), he's a bit lost for direction when a visit to their old house goes strangely. They're still alive, and they haven't aged a day and have an attitude to homosexuality that definitely belongs in the past. Meanwhile, Adam is also developing a romance with his neighbour Harry (Mescal) who is trying to relieve him of his loneliness and get him back into the world.

There's something about Mescal's performance that reminds me of his tragic turn in Aftersun and that's no bad thing. He and Scott share incredible chemistry that carries the film. Anyone who has felt love or grief will be powerless to resist this movie's emotional drumbeats. 

Disney+ has also recently added another big 2024 movie from SearchLight Pictures, the superb Poor Things which saw Emma Stone take home the best actress gong at the Oscars

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