Amazon Prime Video unexpectedly adding 2024 Oscar winner this month

The best kind of surprise

Anatomy of a Fall
(Image credit: Madman Films)

One of 2024's biggest movies is streaming on Amazon Prime Video from March 30th. Anatomy of a Fall is a superb drama you need to watch. 

If you've seen anything to do with the Oscars this year, chances are it was either Ryan Gosling smashing out "I'm Just Ken" live at the ceremony, or it was the true biggest star in Hollywood, Messi the Border Collie. And soon you can stream his movie. 

That's right, the dog that was pictured 'clapping' at the Oscars and stole everyone's hearts is coming to Amazon Prime Video. You can already rent Anatomy of a Fall on the streaming service, but hang on until March 30th when you can stream it.

While Messi's performance was unfortunately snubbed by the Academy, this is a superb French drama that took home the Best Original Screenplay gong at this year's Oscars. It also received four more nominations including a prestigious Best Picture nod. 

So what's it all about? Well at its heart this is a murder mystery tied in with more drama than a gossip magazine. At her beautiful chalet in the Alps, Sandra Voyter (Sandra Hüller) is working in her office when her son and his guide dog (Messi) discover her husband has fallen from the attic and died. But was it an accident, suicide or murder?

In the subsequent legal case, there are plenty of revelations. To say that Sandra was happily married would not be true, and Daniel is left wondering if he can even trust his own mother. Bring tissues. 

It sounds pretty simple but in truth it's anything but, and the performances (human and canine) are top-drawer. The film currently sits at a massive 96% on Rotten Tomatoes and deservedly so. As for Messi. while he may not have gotten an Oscar, he did win the prestigious Palm Dog and got to meet Hollywood's brightest stars. 

Amazon is doing well for Oscar-winning movies this year, right before the ceremony it added the superb American Fiction which was also up for Best Picture this year. 

Andy Sansom
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