5 essential movies and shows coming to Disney+ in March

Superheroes, superstars and more

Next Goal Wins
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More than just a home for childhood nostalgia, Disney+ is always adding great stuff to its content library and March 2024 is no different. 

For me personally, this is a standout month of additions as not only does my favourite show on the service return for a second series, but also after missing out on tickets, Taylor Swift's Eras Tour can come to my living room instead! Here are the 5 biggest new shows and movies coming to the streaming service this March. 

1. Extraordinary 

A stellar super-powered sitcom, Extraordinary is one of the freshest shows I've seen in a long time. Created by Emma Moran as her debut project, she's managed to capture lightning in a bottle with an incredible mix of humour and heart.

In a world where everyone develops superpowers around their 18th birthday, our lead character Jen is in her mid-twenties and still perfectly ordinary. Living with her flatmates Carrie and Kash in London, they have madcap adventures trying to find themselves... and Jen's powers. I can't recommend it enough, and series two arrives on March 6th. 

2. Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour

The musical event of the millennium, Taylor Swift's record-breaking Eras tour is finally streaming. If, like millions of others, you couldn't get tickets to the show then this is the next best thing. 

Spanning all of the 'eras' of her career with her re-recorded material, join Taylor for the official filming of the concert by a professional crew. It's been waiting for you. Leave a Blank Space on your calendar for March 15th when it hits Disney+. 

3. Renegade Nell 

A fantasy adventure that seems to me like a cross between Robin Hood and Peter Pan, Renegade Nell is the latest project from Sally Wainwright, creator of Happy Valley and Gentleman Jack

Starring Derry Girls' Louisa Harland as the titular Nell, a young woman who finds herself accused of murder and forced to go on the run. Things then take a turn for the supernatural when she is bestowed magical powers by a spirit named Billy Blind. She suddenly has Matrix-like reactions and superb scrapping skills, perfect for revenge. 

4. X Men 97

Marvel is going back to its roots with a revival of its 1997 animated X-Men: The Animated Series under the new name X-Men '97.

With Professor X now gone, the X-Men must rally round without their leader and keep on fighting the good fight. A whole host of original voice actors have returned and fans of a certain age will de delighted to go on adeventures with the likes of Cyclops, Storm, Rogue, Jubilee and Wolverine again. 

Hopes are high for this rebirth of a 90s classic, and perhaps it could be the first step to finally getting the X-Men in the movie MCU. 

5. Next Goal Wins

Taika Waititi's football comedy was only released in late December and it's now set to kick off on Disney+ later this month. 

Michael Fassbender stars as a coach who takes over the worst-ranked national team in the world, American Samoa. The team, who once famously lost 31-0 to Australia, are determined to qualify for the 2014 World Cup. 

This a classic underdog story based on the documentary of the same name and a guaranteed heart warmer.  It's not considered one of Waititi's best movies but should make for a great family film night. I for one will be tuning in on March 27th. 

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