Christopher Ward releases two limited edition versions of the C63 Sealander

With only 150 pieces available, you better be quick if you want the new C63 Sealander watches

Live images of C63 SH21 Blue Marine & C63 SH21 Snow Leopard
(Image credit: Christopher Ward)

British watchmaker Christopher Ward has just released two new limited edition versions of its popular C63 Sealander: the C63 SH21 Blue Marine and the C63 SH21 Snow Leopard.

Limited to just 150 pieces each, these new watches from the Sealander line are powered by Christopher Ward’s in-house movement, Calibre SH21, for the first time ever. This watch movement was launched in 2014 and is the first commercially viable mechanical movement from a British watch company in 50 years.

Adding the Calibre SH21 movement to the Blue Marine and Snow Leopard watches means they both feature chronometer certification and high-level movement finishing that’s displayed through a sapphire backplate. The Calibre SH21 has a twin-barrel construction that when fully wound will deliver a long-lasting 5-day (120 hours) power reserve… impressive, huh?

C63 SH21 Blue Marine & C63 SH21 Snow Leopard watches

(Image credit: Christopher Ward)

But that’s not all that’s impressive about the new C63 Sealander timepieces. Both 41mm automatic watches are made from brushed steel and feature unique and colourful dials. Both have anti-shock systems, diamond polished facets and a Marine-grade stainless steel bracelet with the classic ‘Christopher Ward’ engraving.

The C63 SH21 Blue Marine has a blue dial with a three-dimensional wave pattern and a matching teal date calendar. The delicate design has a powerful blue colour inspired by the ever-changing moods of the ocean. In contrast, the dial of the C63 SH21 Snow Leopard has been subtly decorated with a white and silver leopard print reminiscent of the big cat’s coat. It also shows off a power reserve indicator and subtle blue detailing around the time markers.

When speaking about the two new versions of the C63 Sealander, CEO and co-founder of Christopher Ward, Mike France said; “Our bestselling watches are inspired by the lands, sea, and skies that explorers have dared to venture… we work in collaboration with and provide donations to environmental charities that seek to preserve the landscapes we and our customers are inspired by.”

Christopher Ward C63 Sealander limited edition launch

(Image credit: Christopher Ward)

Speaking of charities, both the new C63 SH21 Blue Marine and the C63 SH21 Snow Leopard have been made in collaboration with two of Christopher Ward’s long-standing charity partners. When you purchase either the C63 SH21 Blue Marine or the C63 SH21 Snow Leopard, 5% of their sales will go to the following charities.

The C63 SH21 Blue Marine has been made in collaboration with Blue Marine Foundation (BMF), a charity that works to tackle the rising levels of plastics found in the ocean and restore it back to health. Similarly, the C63 SH21 Snow Leopard has been made in partnership with David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF), an organisation that protects and preserves snow leopard populations in Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan.

These colourful and powerful watches are limited to 150 pieces each so if you want to get your hands on one (or both!), you better be quick! In terms of pricing, the C63 SH21 Blue Marine is available for £1,750 and the C63 SH21 Snow Leopard is £1,595. Both watches can be found on the Christopher Ward website.

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