Buy the Google Pixel 6a or Pro at Visible and they'll give you a $150 gift card

Visible has a great student discount deal to check out

Google Pixel 6a & Google Pixel Buds A-Series deal
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For students heading back to school that are in need of a cheap phone plan and a new phone, then this deal at Visible wireless may just be worth your attention.

Visible is giving away a free $150 gift card when you purchase a Google Pixel 6a or Google Pixel 6 Pro and sign up for their super cheap $40/month unlimited 5G data plan.

Both new subscribers and those looking to switch to a cheaper service are eligible for the deal, and Visible is offering a virtual gift card that you can use just about anywhere – including the likes of Amazon, Best Buy, Group-On, and much more.

Considering that Visible runs off the Verizon wireless network, and costs only a fraction to do so, this is an incredible offer for students in need of a cheap phone plan.

The Google Pixel 6a, which runs as low as $19/month (or just $449 if you want to pay everything up front), offers the best value for the money alongside the $40/month unlimited plan. This budget-friendly smartphone delivers a solid Android experience, with an impressive battery life and decent camera all packed into a compact package.

However, if you're hoping to get a phone that offers a bit more out of the box then the Google Pixel 6 Pro may be the option to go with. A bit larger in size, the 6 Pro offers an enhanced 120Hz QHD+ display for crisper, more responsive use and an incredible camera system. This one will run you a bit more out of pocket each month, however, starting at about $38/month (or $888 if you'd like to pay it all up front).

The free $150 gift card is quite a reward for snagging the latest Google smartphone via Verizon's cheaper alternative, and overall is not a bad value at all when you compare it to other more expensive smartphones like the iPhone 13 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S22.

Personally, the best value comes with the Google Pixel 6a option Visible is offering right now. At just $450 it's an incredibly cheap price for one of the best smartphones out there, and offers plenty of features for those who want a good phone without breaking the bank. Sure, you'll get more fancy features from the 6 Pro but let's face the facts – if you're someone who doesn't need all the extra bells and whistles you won't be missing out on much.

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