5 mistakes everyone makes with Amazon Kindle

Thinking of getting a new Amazon Kindle? We look at 5 common mistakes

Amazon Kindle Oasis
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The Amazon Kindle is a revelation: a simple, easy-to-use e-reading device with an almost unlimited supply of books, magazines, and more. 

Amazon has put a lot of time into making the Kindle the absolute best, surpassing Kobo and others e-reader makers by some distance, especially when you factor in how many e-books Amazon has on its virtual shelves. 

As we found when we reviewed the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and Amazon Kindle Oasis, these are best-in-class devices, putting a new spin on thousands of years of reading tradition. 

But before you choose the best Kindle or make use of the best Kindle deals we thought it was worth looking at five common mistakes. 

What do we mean? Read on below to find out. 

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1. Not waiting for a good time to buy a Kindle

Straight from the off we'd say the number one biggest Kindle mistake you can make is to buy one at full price.

Kindles are always discounted at multiple points in each and every year, and especially on Prime Day and Black Friday, so it pays to be patient and buy when the price drops.

In past years, we've seen some pretty massive discounts on Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Oasis, and other models, sometimes getting down to just £40.

Of course, if you really can't wait, then check out the best Kindle deals – there are always a few good discounts to be bagged.

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2. Not getting a case 

Amazon offers a lot of Kindle cases and we strongly recommend getting one, especially if you plan on travelling with your new gadget. 

In our testing, Amazon's own Kindle cases are pretty neat, offering protection for both the front and back of the device, but there are loads and loads of options from third-parties too. 

Make sure the one you're buying is definitely compatible with your Kindle before buying – a mistake we've made in the past – but otherwise you can't lose. 

This advice is double for anyone giving a Kindle to a child, although the Amazon Kindle Kids Edition comes with built-in protection. 

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3. Not getting Kindle Unlimited 

Kindle Unlimited is Amazon's e-book buffet, an all-you-can-eat affair with thousands and thousands of books, new and old. 

No matter what you love, chances are Amazon has a few books available to downloaded through Unlimited. It's especially good if you're about to travel and want to have a few options. 

Unlimited also offers magazine subscriptions, selected audiobooks, and unlimited reading on as many devices as you have.

Right now, Amazon is offering a pretty sweet deal: three months free for Prime members and then £7.99 per month after.

Amazon Kindle night

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4. Not using Dark Mode at night 

If you're a pre-bed reader then having to have the light on to read a physical book has likely annoyed at some point in the past. 

The Kindle solves this problem by adding a Dark Mode, accessible in the Settings drop-down alongside WiFi and other toggles. 

It's fantastic, putting white text on a black background and letting you easily adjust the brightness. The perfect way to turn up the sleepiness right before before. 

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5. Buying the wrong Kindle for your needs

Amazon offers several different types of Kindles and getting the right one is important. 

Firstly, if your child is going to use the Kindle then the Kids Edition is a must, there are no other choices, unless you want to buy a replacement every other day. 

But for anyone else, the choices can be a bit confusing. 

For most people, we'd recommend getting the Kindle Paperwhite (or Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition), as this covers all the bases – lightweight, enough storage, long battery life – and doesn't cost much. 

For others, the high-end Kindle Oasis could be the right choice, offering a sleek and unique design, waterproofing, and more storage if necessary. If you're a die-hard Kindle users, the Oasis is for you. 

Mostly, we'd recommend going by the Kindle deals on offer, especially during Prime Day. You might even be able to bag the Oasis for the price of the Paperwhite. 

Max Slater-Robins

Max Slater-Robins has written for T3 now on and off for over half a decade, with him fitting in serious study at university in between. Max is a tech expert and as such you'll find his words throughout T3.com, appearing in everything from reviews and features, to news and deals. Max is specifically a veteran when it comes round to deal hunting, with him seeing out multiple Black Friday campaigns to date.