Bugatti x Adidas "Crazyfast" football boots? Yes please!

Just 99 pairs of the Adidas X Crazyfast Bugatti boots will be available

Adidas X Crazyfast Bugatti football boots
(Image credit: Adidas)

We've seen plenty of Adidas collaboration sneakers of late, with the Marvel's Spider-Man 2 training shoes being particularly impressive. However, its partnership with hyper sports car manufacturer Bugatti is on another level, and has me wanting to get back onto the football field, no matter how knackered my knees.

The Adidas X Crazyfast Bugatti football (soccer) boots have been designed around the "characteristics that have come to define" the French manufacturer's elite vehicles.

Based on the X Crazyfast_laced boot, the special edition features a carbon fibre inlay that pays homage to the material used on the Bugatti Chiron. The semi-transparent mono-mesh material on the mid-foot cage has been adapted to include Bugatti Blue elements – a hark back to the marque's Grand Prix days.

There is also Ettore Bugatti's insignia which repeats across the rear three-quarter of each boot. The phrase "impossible is nothing" can also be found on the sides.

Lastly, Adidas' proprietary Speedframe sole plate technology represents the power of the W16 engine inside the Chiron.

Each pair of X Crazyfast Bugatti boots will be housed in a special edition, unique box with a design inspired by the weaves of carbon fibre. However, you might find it tricky to get hold of them.

There will be only 99 pairs made in total and the only way to buy them will be via an auction process on Adidas' Collect Web 3 platform.

It will run from 8 - 11 November and all winners will be awarded a digital shoebox to redeem from 13 November onwards.

The price for each pair is yet to be revealed, although payments will need to be paid using crytocurrency. Adidas will also offer a direct on-ramp for bidders to have traditional cash converted.

Karim Benzema and Milan's Rafael Leao will both wear the boots in November.

"X Crazyfast is meticulously crafted for speed and performance for a game that demands players move and react faster than ever," said Adidas Football's general manager, Nick Craggs.

"By uniting these two iconic brands, we’ve once again pushed the boundaries of boot design to create something truly unique that both looks incredible and helps players at all levels to be their best."

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