Best Samsung Galaxy S10 deals ever? S10+, S10e and S10 now at lowest prices we've seen

All three Samsung S10 phones have their prices MULLERED, saving you hundreds of pounds

Samsung Galaxy S10
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Samsung S10 deals are the big story in smartphone sales right now, with the arrival of the Galaxy S20. The S10 family of the Galaxy S10, S10e and S10 Plus might no longer be at the cutting edge but they’re still brilliant phones. Now they’re at brilliant prices. Prices such as these, all at Amazon UK.  Are you in the US or elsewhere? Stop reading this intro and scroll right down to view the best prices in your locality. 

Samsung Galaxy S10e | Deal Price: £450 | Save: £219

Samsung Galaxy S10e | Deal Price: £450 | Save: £219
The cheapest of the bunch, the Galaxy S10e is actually a fantastic little phone. We gave it a full 5 stars in our review and crowned it the winner of T3's Mid-Range Phone Awards 2019. And now that the price has dropped by over £200, you have even more of a reason to buy it.  

Samsung Galaxy S10 | Deal Price: £589.94 | Save: 209.96

Samsung Galaxy S10 | Deal Price: £589.94 | Save: 209.96
The S10 is Samsung's 2019 flagship device and, unlike the S10e, is available with two storage options - 128GB and 512GB. Both are available on Amazon but the larger memory is significantly more expensive, coming in at £999, so our highlighted deal is the smaller, 128GB variant which is almost half the price. 

Samsung Galaxy S10+ | Deal Price: £672.84 | Save: £226.16

Samsung Galaxy S10+ | Deal Price: £672.84 | Save: £226.16
For those of you who want a little extra, there's the Galaxy S10+ which we also graced with a 5 star review. We cited its build quality, its gorgeous 6.4-Inch Quad HD+ AMOLED screen, large battery, and camera features as reasons to get on board with the device if its price didn't make you balk. And now you can get all that for over £200 cheaper! 

The Korean tech giant has set the ball rolling by officially dropping the price on its Galaxy S10 lineup of phones, including the Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e. Originally priced from £799, £899, and £669 respectively, with more expensive options available on top of the base prices, Samsung has knocked off a minimum of £100 per device on its official website, but stocks are running low; and some of the smartphones have even sold out completely. 

Over at Amazon, the prices are even cheaper, with the basic Galaxy S10e model coming in for as low as £450 - barely more than the Apple IPhone SE 2, which is Apple’s ‘cheap’ phone. 

Samsung unveiled its new smartphones for 2020 at its Unpacked event - the Galaxy S20 and its second foldable, the Galaxy Z Flip. That‘s why last year's handsets are getting a price drop.

The S10 series was launched last year and were probably some of the best smartphones of 2019, sporting the Snapdragon 855 and Exynos 9820 processors. Just like the S20, the lineup features big AMOLED screens, and a hole punch front-facing camera to make the most of the screen real estate, but there's a much wider choice of colours including white, black, green, blue, yellow, red, blue and pink across all three models. 

Amazon has beaten Samsung's prices, but if you prefer to buy direct from the mothership check out Samsung’s own deals below:

If you're not an early adopter and don't mind upgrading your phone when it needs it - or would simply rather wait it out until prices start dropping - these deals are worth a look. Of course there are much cheaper handsets out there. But they have fewer features and less kudos points attached. 

If you want to compare the differences between the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S20, we've got you covered there.  Galaxy S10 and S20 clans not tickling your fancy? Check out T3's pick of best Android phones, best budget phones,  and best Samsung phones

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