T3 Awards 2019: the Samsung Galaxy S10e wins our top Mid-Range Phone Award

The Samsung Galaxy S10e delivers the complete smartphone package, and wins T3's Best Mid-Range Phone Award – sponsored by Fasthosts

Samsung Galaxy S10e

The Best Mid-Range Phone Award is among the most prestigious and most sought after of all the T3 Awards 2019, which is why it brings us great pleasure to announce that the Samsung Galaxy S10e is this year's celebrated winner.

On review the Galaxy S10e bagged a maximum 5-star score, and when adjudicating for the T3 Awards 2019 the judges were won over by the handset's immaculate fit and finish, powerful internal hardware, strong software suite and feature-packed camera system - which is all delivered despite of the phone's supposed budget option profile.

Indeed, while other handsets beat the S10e in terms of strict price point, it sits top of our best cheap phones guide as, in terms of quality for cost demanded, this year's budget Galaxy is simply the most complete package. 

The phone's AMOLED screen is simply beautiful, for example, while the compact and simple design grants it a premium aesthetic that puts some far more expensive rival devices to shame.

"The Samsung Galaxy S10e looks like a premium device, feels like a premium device, and has premium-level internal components packed inside. It's compact, powerful, and very appealing... so why would you pay more?" we concluded in our S10e review. And now, with the Best Mid-Range Phone Award tucked into its belt, we feel that question is more valid that ever.

Full shortlist: Samsung Galaxy S10e, Xiaomi Mi 9, Nokia 7.1, Motorola G7 Plus, Apple iPhone XR, Honor View 20

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