PS5 Black Friday deals: Consoles, TVs, accessories and games

The best PS5 Black Friday deals available today

PS5 Black Friday deals PlayStation 5
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The Black Friday sales are now in full force and we're seeing huge reductions of literally every product we can think of – it's a really exciting time for deal hunters, or for anyone who has had their eye on something for a few months.

What's even more exciting, though, is that Black Friday 2021 is looking like a great place to buy PS5 hardware, as a new wave of post-launch-day consoles (both PlayStation 5 and PS5 Digital Edition) is tipped to be incoming imminently.

As such, for any gamer who has been desperately waiting to lock in a PS5, it sure looks like it will pay to be switched on throughout this year's Black Friday sales.

It also makes sense to gamers who already have a PS5 to stay frosty, as we're seeing excellent price cuts on things like best-in-class gaming TVs that are ideal companions for PlayStation 5. Elsewhere, we're seeing huge reductions on PS5-compatible gaming headsets and controllers, as well as prices on quality launch games creep down, too.

Below we've rounded up links to some of the best PS5 accessories, hardware, games and more that are getting discounted right now in the Black Friday sales. If you've been thinking, for example, of updating your TV to get the most out of your next-gen console, then Black Friday is the perfect time to pull the trigger.

PS5 Black Friday deals – Consoles

PS5 Black Friday deals Sony PlayStation 5

Gamers should be ready for more PS5 consoles to drop in the Black Friday sales.

(Image credit: Sony)

T3's where to buy PS5 guide is the number one resource for gamers to use when tracking down their own PlayStation 5 right now.

We hearing that post-launch day more PS5 and Sony PlayStation 5 consoles are being made available shortly by retailers, but when exactly right now remains uncommunicated. Our advice here at T3 is to check each retailer repeatedly every single day (every 30 minutes if possible), as empirical evidence has shown consoles can get released at any time.

Here are direct links to check PS5 stock at notable retailers in both the US and UK:

USA PS5 order destinations:

Amazon US | Walmart | Best Buy | GameStop | Target

UK PS5 order destinations:

Amazon UK | Currys | Argos | The Game Collection | GAME

For the best PS5 deals available today feel free to also consult the below deals charts:

PS5 Black Friday deals – Televisions

PS5 Black Friday deals LG CX TV

The LG CX is the perfect TV partner for PS5.

(Image credit: LG | Sony)

Right now we're seeing multiple panels from out best gaming TVs buying guide discounted in the Black Friday sales, making now a great time to upgrade your TV setup.

The LG CX is available right now at Amazon for a great price, and it's the perfect TV partner for the PS5 as it comes packing OLED display technology, a 4K resolution, as well as a game-perfect 120Hz refresh rate. You read all about why it's so great in our full LG CX review.

As such, if you want to make the most out of the PlayStation 5's powerful new hardware, then a TV like the LG CX is the perfect fit.

The other TV to watch out for is the Sony X900H (US) / XH90 (UK), which is the only 4K TV Sony calls 'Ready for PlayStation 5'. We've seen some excellent discounts on it already in the Black Friday sales, making it a lot cheaper than the LG CX, and the best TV at its lower price not just for PS5, but for anything else you do with a TV too. The good news is that it will support 4K at 120Hz, Variable Refresh Rate and Auto Low Latency Mode… but it doesn't have these features yet. They're due in an update, though Sony hasn't said exactly when. You can just how much this TV impressed us in our Sony X900H/XH90 review.

PS5 Black Friday deals

(Image credit: Sony)

PS5 Black Friday deals – Games

PS5 Black Friday deals PlayStation 5 games

Why not start a PS5 games collection this Black Friday?

(Image credit: Sony | Ubisoft)

You only have to take one look at T3's PS5 games guide to see how special gaming on PlayStation 5 is going to be, and right now there's a really wide selection of PS5 games that can be picked up for good launch prices.

These are titles such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Godfall, Watch Dogs Legion, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Far Cry 6, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Planet Coaster, Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, and NBA 2K21, among others.

View all PS5 games at Amazon US

View all PS5 games at Amazon UK

PlayStation Plus and the PS5 go hand-in-hand, and any gamer looking to get the most out of their new system should consider it a must-purchase. With PS Plus locked in, along with PlayStation Now, no PS5 owner will be ever short of games to play and people to play with, while bonus extras like store discounts and cloud saving makes playing between cross-gen systems a breeze.


PlayStation Plus (12 months) | $59.96 at Walmart
A year of PlayStation Plus for use on PS5 delivers access to 20 free games as part of the PlayStation Plus Collection, as well as multiplayer online, cloud game saves, exclusive discounts in the PlayStation Store and much more besides.


PlayStation Plus (12 months) | £49.99 at Amazon
UK folk can bag a whole year of PlayStation Plus to use on the PS5 for a penny under fifty notes right now at Amazon. That's just £4.16p per month for 24 hand-picked free games to play, support for cloud game saves, multiplayer bonus and much more, too.

PS5 Black Friday deals – Accessories

PS5 Black Friday deals

Official and third-part PS5 accessories are available during the Black Friday 2020 sales.

(Image credit: Sony)

Many of the official PlayStation 5 accessories like the PS5 HD Camera, Media remote and DualSense controller are now available for purchase, while third-party PS5 T3 favourites like the Arctis Pro Wireless and Arctis 7P Wireless gaming headsets are currently available at discounted price points.

Controllers like the 5-star rated Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro, which T3 gave a maximum score of 5 stars to on review, are also brilliant extra PS5 controllers for playing PS4 games (this controller does not work with PS5 games, but does work with PS4 games, oddly). We even called it a PS5 controller before the DualSense emerged, so know you're getting quality.

"Sony better take note when finalising the controller design for PS5, as this absolute weapon of pad has just gone and done the next-gen, but done it now" is what we concluded with, so if you want another pad to game on PS5 with (as well as PS4 and PC!) the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro is a great choice.

PS5 Black Friday deals

The Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro is a great third-party controller choice for PS5.

(Image credit: Nacon)

PS5 Black Friday deals – SSD storage

PS5 Black Friday deals

(Image credit: Seagate)

The standard PS5 comes with an 825GB SSD as standard, but we also know that only 664GB of that is useable for games. As such, for hardcore gamers who will want to have plenty of space to install all the AAA PS5 games they want, a storage expansion is essential. Below are live prices for PS5-compatible hard drives, so if you see one going cheap, you might want to grab it fast.

A good example of a great external storage deal now available that is suitable for consoles in this Samsung T5 500GB discount, which is available as part of Amazon's Black Friday deals. The deal cuts 50% off the external SSD's price point, meaning it can currently be bagged for just £89.11 in the UK.

For even more great external storage options for PS5 take a look at the deals tables below.

T3 guides to the Black Friday sales

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