Best of MWC 2024 Awards: T3's picks of the most exciting tech at the show

Mobile World Congress has delivered a host of new devices and these are the best of the best

Mobile World Congress 2024 (MWC)
(Image credit: Mike Lowe / Future)

It's that time of year again when the great and the good in the mobile industry get together to launch their latest products, whether that be new flagship phones, their best smartwatches, or forthcoming fitness trackers. There's even a tantalising laptop or two.

Yep, Mobile World Congress 2024 is well underway and T3 has been treading its halls in Barcelona to savour everything it has to offer. That puts us in a great position to cut the wheat from the chaff in order to bring you the very best products of the show – the devices you should keep an eye out for over the coming months.

Here then are the T3 best of MWC 2024 award winners.

Honor Magic 6 ProT3 Best of MWC 2024 Awards logo

(Image credit: Future)

Honor Magic 6 Pro

On the face of it, the Honor Magic 6 Pro looks like a conventional flagship Android smartphone, but as well as some very decent spec (including a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 CPU), it has a unique feature that could change the way you use mobiles forever.

That's because the new Honor sports eye-tracking technology that allows you to operate the phone by just looking at different areas of the screen. Indeed, to demonstrate how effective it can be, Honor showed us how it was possible to turn on a car using just our eyes and even move it using a special app on the device.

Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Display LaptopT3 Best of MWC 2024 Awards logo

(Image credit: Lenovo)

Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop

Lenovo has often been at the heart of innovation in laptop design, but we've never seen anything quite like this latest ThinkBook before. Not only does it come with a second screen that doubles as the keyboard, the main display is completely see-through.

The Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop is quite something when you see it in the flesh. The 17.3-inch screen uses a transparent Micro-LED panel that enables you to view things behind it as you work. It reminded us a lot of the sort of tech you see in sci-fi films, like Minority Report.

The Motorola Adaptive Display on show at MWC Barcelona 2024T3 Best of MWC 2024 Awards logo

(Image credit: Future / Sam Cross)

Motorola Adaptive Display

Lenovo's consumer mobile brand, Motorola, wasn't to be left out when it came to innovation neither. Although the name of the Motorola Adaptive Display could do with some work, the actual idea is extraordinary.

It uses a flexible OLED panel in a phone that can bend backwards. The casing is made of soft material too, so you can shape the device to even wrap around your wrist. It's only a concept prototype for now, but it's great to see at least one brand try something different.

OnePlus Watch 2 on wristT3 Best of MWC 2024 Awards logo

(Image credit: Sam Cross / Future)

OnePlus Watch 2

OnePlus seems to be on a winner with its second-generation smartwatch, having this time opted to run it on Wear OS. This allows it to be better served by apps and experiences, while also giving the OnePlus Watch 2 a clearer upgrade plan.

On top of that, it has been designed with "military-grade durability" and we love its chunkiness. And, even better it boasts up to 100-hours of battery life in Smart Mode, so will last longer than four days between charges. That alone could put it amongst the very best smartwatches around.

The Oppo Air Glass 3 in use by T3 Staff Writer, Sam CrossT3 Best of MWC 2024 Awards logo

(Image credit: Lee Ping)

Oppo Air Glass 3

We've seen plenty of AR glasses over the years, but the Oppo Air Glass 3 is the first pair that we could see taking off in a big way. That's because, unlike many others, they look like the kind of spectacles you could wear daily.

And, on top of that, at 50g they are extremely light and comfortable. Add a full-colour in-glass display with a brightness of 1,000 nits and you have an impressive experience that could prove very useful given the right app support.

Images of the Samsung Galaxy Ring on display at MWC Barcelona 2024T3 Best of MWC 2024 Awards logo

(Image credit: Future / Sam Cross)

Samsung Galaxy Ring

The Samsung Galaxy Ring finally broke cover during MWC 2024 and while the version on show is still a prototype for now, it's clear to see that the manufacturer is taking this emerging wearables sector seriously.

There are three colour options currently being considered – ceramic black, platinum silver, and gold – and in multiple sizes, from 5 to 13. They are each also sensor-packed, capable of tracking heart and respiratory rates, night movement and sleep latency, so you could find yourself wearing one for days on end. It'll certainly be comfortable enough, weighing just 2.3g.

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra on show at MWC Barcelona 2024T3 Best of MWC 2024 Awards logo

(Image credit: Future / Sam Cross)

Xiaomi 14 Ultra

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra draws on the experience of brand partner Leica to present a true flagship phone in every sense. It has a quad-camera array that includes a 1-inch Sony LYT-900 sensor for superb snaps, as well as a trio of 50-megapixel sensors for telephoto, periscope and ultra-wide photography.

It also has some impressive capabilities backed by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processing, plus a 5,000mAh battery that supports 90W wired and 80W wireless fast charging. It really is a true competitor to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in more than just name.

The Xiaomi SU7 Max on display for the first time at MWC Barcelona 2024T3 Best of MWC 2024 Awards logo

(Image credit: Future / Sam Cross)

Xiaomi SU7

In more recent times, the products shown at Mobile World Congress have diversified to include a wider variety of connected devices – and that includes cars. And at this year's show, the Xiaomi SU7 really stood out.

The tech company is going all out with its first electric car, giving it sports car looks but with supreme functionality – including a claimed 800km (497 miles) of range. That's quite something for a debut vehicle and should give Tesla something to worry about.

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