Domino’s deals: Get 50% off pizza with this voucher code (and they’ll do contact-free delivery)

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Domino's deals and vouchers codes
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A good Domino’s deal can cut the cost of your pizza by over a third - and if you’re looking to order delivery of a piping hot pizza right now, we have excellent news. Currently, Domino’s Pizza is offering a 50% discount when you spend over £35. Just add Domino’s voucher code: SAVEBIG3 and you’ll see the price of your pizza order halved. 

Don’t need to spend that much? There are plenty of other Domin’s deals to choose between as well - whether you’re looking for yourself, or there are a number of you to feed. You’ll find our pick of the bunch below.

The pizza restaurant chain is now also offering contact-free delivery on all pre-paid online orders, which means you can safely order your pizza online, and it’ll be delivered from a distance, with no money needing to exchange hands. If you’d like a contact free pizza delivery, just select the Contact Free Delivery box when ordering via the Domino’s website.

That’s our evening sorted then. Here’s our pick of the best Domino’s deals available right now…

The best Domino's deals right now

Get 50% off when you spend £35 | Domino's Pizza

Get 50% off when you spend £35 | Domino's Pizza
If you spend over £35 on your pizza order - and let's face it, that's easy to do - you can get a whopping 50% off your order. All you have to do is add Domino’s voucher code: SAVEBIG3, and you'll halve the cost of your order. 

Browse more Domino’s Pizza deals in your area

Browse more Domino’s Pizza deals in your area
There’s a wide range of Domino’s deals to choose between on the pizza delivery company’s website right now - whether you’re looking for a pizza for one, or have a large household to feed. And with contact-free delivery now an option on all pre-paid online orders, it’s one less thing to worry about.

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