Android users just got a big peace of mind upgrade

You'll never lose anything again... maybe

Google Pixel 7a
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Whether you're team Apple or Android, you have to admit that the fruit-based phone has had a better way of finding lost devices. Through a combination of AirTags and the 'Find My' system, forgetful folk like me have breathed a million sighs of relief. Now Google has upped its game.

Android's brand new 'Find My Device' feature has already begun rolling out to users in the US and Canada, with a global release imminent for all users on Android 9 or later. Using a crowdsourced network of a billion plus Android devices, you can find your Android phone or other Android device easier than ever (but have you checked your pockets?). 

There are a few handy new features in the new system that could particularly be lifesavers. One of which is the ability to detect your device even if it is connected to the internet. What's more, if you have a Google Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro, it can even be tracked when turned off completely, saving you a race against time. 

Apple's Airtags are a fantastic way to keep an eye on precious goods, and Google's new Find My Device system will use its own compatible trackers from companies like Chipolo and Pebblebee. Hopefully, there will be some collaboration between Apple and Google in the future to create a standard system where people with either an Android or iPhone can track both AirTags and the Android equivalent. 

Android Find My

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Back to the new Android update, however, and those who lose things in a known location are also in luck. If for example, you misplace your keys at home, then you can use 'Find nearby' to play a game of hot and cold letting you know when you're near the target. 

If you don't trust yourself to track something alone or leave something at a friend's house, Google has confirmed you'll be able to 'share' the location of accessories with others so that they can lend a hand in the search. 

I'm the type of person that could lose his own head if it wasn't screwed on, but thankfully the modern world is making it harder and harder for me to make a serious issue for myself. Thank you technology!

Andy Sansom
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