Android upgrade adds new features and emojis for millions of users

Google gets Summer ready with new additions

Google read along feature on Android
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Android never stands still, and those with the best Android phones can find a bunch of new features on their device this June. With Apple only updating its iOS 16.5 just recently, OS updates are clearly in this summer. Pixel owners normally get first dibs on Android features but these latest additions are available for all Android users, here’s what’s new. 

If you’ve got little ones always asking to play on your phone, then you’re in luck. Google has added a new reading practice feature to its Google Play Books service. With thousands of childrens ebooks, the service will help read words aloud and provide definitions while you and your little scholar read the story together. Google has promised that there will also be plenty of books available for free.

Kids will also enjoy the new summer emojis coming to Android with aquatic-life-themed options. Even better they are compatible with Emoji Kitchen, so if you’ve ever wanted to see a shark doing a crying laughing face your dreams have come true. 

Emoji Kitchen

(Image credit: Google)

Those with spare home screen space can make use of three brand-new widgets available now. One gives users personal show and movie recommendations as part of Google TV, a Googler Finance widget lets you track your stocks easier while you can also get curated Google News. 

Pixel Watch owners shouldn’t worry about missing out either as WearOS has received some love too. Not only have new tile options for Spotify arrived but premium subscribers can now also activate the AI DJ feature from their wrist. 

If you’re thinking about upgrading to one of the best phones, maybe wait until after WWDC when we expect to get a good look at what iOS 17 has to offer. 

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