Android powered MiiPC hits Kickstarter

Family friendly computer looks for crowd funding

A plug-and-play PC running Google's Android OS has launched on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website and is accepting pledges from today

A new project launching on Kickstarter is looking to bring family-friendly computing to the masses.

Sporting the decidedly Nintendoesque "MiiPC" moniker, the project has opened for pledges on the crowdfunding website today and is hoping to reach $50,000 in 44 days.

The MiiPC runs on Google's Android 4.2 OS and plugs straight into the TV over an HDMI connection. From there, your kids can surf the web, do their homework, install apps or play games.

Where it gets a bit more interesting is in the companion app that accompanies the cute, boxy hardware. The app lets parents set parental controls for the MiiPC and install guidelines on browsing and usage. There's also real-time monitoring to keep track on what the little ones are up to.

Teenagers may not need the same level of supervision, but the MiiPC also has built-in time management feature that lets users know exactly how much time they've been spending on the device.

"Our mission is to create a simple and effective way for families to take back control of online experiences, letting MiiPC create a safe and relaxed environment for your family computing," its creators have said on the Kickstarter page.

Fairly basic in its design, the MiiPC has pretty resonable specs considering the asking price per model is slated at $89 for early adopters. There's an Ethernet port, Bluetooth compatibility, two USB ports and the aforementioned HDMI for Full HD content.

It'll come with a Marvell New Armada Dual Core 1.2GHz chip and 1GB of RAM. There's 4GB of native storage and an SD card slot for expansion.

The project is schedueled to get to customers in the States buy August of this year, providing that funding emerges. If you're keen to pledge, then head over to the MiiPC Kickstarter page here.